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Top 100 People in Finance

Joseph Zaccardo

Joseph Zaccardo has always loved helping people. In fact, his favorite part about being a financial advisor for Ameriprise Financial Services Inc. is seeing the reactions on customer’s faces when they learn they will be able to put their children through college or that they have enough financial security to retire. Knowing that he has played a role in ensuring financial stability in the lives of his clients has been so rewarding to Joseph that it has been the primary drive behind his 32 successful years in the finance industry.

When people come into his office for a complimentary consultation, Joseph always begins by finding out “if they’re the right fit.” He explains, “I enjoy working with people who need my help. I understand that they are busy, so I let prospective clients know that I am there to give some guidance, to organize, and to make sense of their financial lives so they can sleep well at night.” To Joseph, the interactions he has with others is the most important aspect of his job. “It is all about the client- always,” he says.

In addition to consultations, Joseph holds several other responsibilities such as managing asset allocation and client risk. When working one-on-one with clients, he analyzes their information in order to determine their current financial situations. Then, he helps them to clarify where they want to be in retirement. This allows Joseph to collaborate with his clients in order to develop a financial plan that will ultimately guide them toward their goals. For some, that may be a new career path, early retirement, or pursuit of another dream.

Although Joseph does not specialize in one specific area, he does like to focus on his two designations as people tend to need guidance in both retirement planning and long- term care. His first designation is a chartered retirement planning counselor (CRPC), so a large part of the work he does with clients involves helping them to devise financial plans for their retirement years. Joseph’s second designation is a certification in long-term care (CLTC). While this is an insurance certification, he addresses long term care with every client he has, so it was important for him to obtain. A lot of advisors fail to discuss long-term care with their clients, but Joseph knows that it is an essential part of anyone’s financial life because an extended care event can quickly derail a client’s retirement income and alter their goals.


In addition to his CRPC and CLTC designations, Joseph is licensed in investments and securities with a series 7 and a series 66. He is also licensed as a financial advisor in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, New York, and South Carolina. Joseph’s designations, licenses, and many years of experience set him apart from the competition. While most firms have entire teams to complete tasks for their clients, Joseph prefers to take care of his clients himself with the help of one staff member. He does asset management, portfolio construction, and all types of insurances. When dealing with investments, Josephs works with every client individually on a case-by-case basis. Likewise, when he writes a financial plan, it is specific and unique to the client.


No matter what job he undertakes, Joseph assures his clients that they will receive comprehensive, goal based, customized financial planning from a qualified financial advisor who sincerely cares about their best interests.



Joseph Zaccardo

Financial Advisor

Ameriprise Financial Services Inc.

141 West Front Street, Suite 160

Red Bank, New Jersey 07701


Facebook:    ꟾ   @josephzaccardoameriprise

Instagram: @JZgrlz


Download the 2020 Top 100 People in Finance Magazine and see Joseph's feature on page 85.

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