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Josh Johnston


Josh Johnston understands the challenges that hotel executives face every day. As a hotel leader for over a decade, he led food and beverage teams in Jackson Hole, Philadelphia, Miami, St. Louis, Dallas, and New Orleans; served as a director with Four Seasons Hotels and worked within the executive office at Hilton Hotels. He has seen, firsthand, the frustration hotel executives experience when their beautiful hallways are cluttered with dirty room service trays. In 2017, he set out to resolve this issue with the co-founding of TrayAway. “I lived it, breathed it, day in and day out—guests complaining about dirty trays. Yet, there wasn’t a single viable product on the market for hotels to purchase and simply resolve this issue,” Josh says. “My passion for problem-solving and hotels being unable to resolve the issue internally led to starting this company.”


Based in New Orleans, TrayAway is a technology company that provides IoT hardware + SaaS to hundreds of luxury hotels in over 20 countries across the globe, including Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Dubai, Le Bristol Paris, and Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay. Their innovative and interactive products are changing the definition of “luxury service.” TrayAway enhances the hotel guest experience while keeping hallways clear of dirty trays.  It enables staff to track each tray, monitor real-time performance, and receive instant notifications for retrieval. “For guests, a single click of a button notifies staff their tray is ready for pick up,” Josh says.  In addition, automated nightly reports are emailed to hotel management for staff accountability.


With TrayAway tray retrieval being successfully adopted by major hotel brands in the industry, the team recently launched WalkinIn, their digital food and beverage ordering platform that compliments any existing POS system. Hotel guests simply scan a QR Code to order online. Hotels may utilize WalkinIn digital ordering for in-room dining, lounges, pools, restaurant takeout, pre-arrival amenities, and much more. It enables guests to order at their leisure, which helps tremendously when hotels are short-staffed. “Taking TrayAway from an idea on paper to now supporting the most luxurious 5-Star hotels around the world has been an incredible journey,” Josh says.  


Josh Johnston

CEO and Co-Founder — TrayAway





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