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Joshua Coughran AAMS, CCIM, is currently the managing partner and chief investment officer of Titan Retirement Advisors, a Registered Fiduciary™ and independent, registered investment advisor. He started the company in 2012 with a mission to be a low-cost, fee-based firm that targets a financial epidemic in our country.

Joshua is accredited as an asset management specialist and certified commercial investment member and specializes in public and private investment analysis, portfolio management, alternative investments, and risk management. All of these skills play a significant role in his objective to help families, corporations, endowments, non-profit entities, and others to create and preserve wealth. He states, “More than half of Americans aged above 50 will never have the freedom to retire without assistance from family, friends, or government services. My goal is to change that.”


To further his agenda, Joshua achieved licensure as an educator and instructs the class, Retirement Planning Today, for large and small venues around the country. He elucidates, “The fees flowing out of investor accounts are not transparent. The financial services sector reminds me of a shell game, where people rarely know how fees are being allocated. The creation of the 401k was an attempt to prepare Americans for retirement but the average person doesn’t understand the basic dynamics of the program. Bringing clarity and simplicity to the retirement industry has been a tall order and a primary objective in my career.”

Joshua’s experience dates back to 1996, when he worked as a licensed financial consultant for Wells Fargo Securities. In that role, he assisted hundreds of clients on the use of multiple products, including stocks, mutual funds, insurance, and real estate. He states, “It’s imperative to focus on the clients’ goals and objectives, how much time they have to achieve them, and what assets, resources, and skillsets they have to work with. There is no one-size-fits all solution that works for every person or every family.” 

In May of 2000, Joshua became an independent registered investment advisor and shortly after, a licensed real estate broker. In 2005, he received a mayoral appointment to the committee that provides insight and direction on planning ventures for the City’s Redevelopment Agency.

By 2007, Joshua had returned to his core passion as a general partner and portfolio manager of a long-short hedge fund. He also designed proprietary software to analyze short-term technical trends in stock price action. This algorithm enhanced the Firm’s ability to utilize equity and index options to improve portfolio returns during periods of market volatility. His firm has since amassed numerous recognitions of his talent, including honors as: Top Financial Adviser by Financial Times, Top DC Advisor Team with Assets Under Advisement over $100M from National Association of Plan Advisors, Top 401K Retirement Plan Advisor Team by Financial Times, Top 300 Most Influential Financial Advisors from Boston Research, and a Top of the Pyramid Award from Transamerica.

Joshua and Titan Retirement Advisors are equally committed to community activism and support several worthy organizations. This includes SIRE, which provides therapy for people who have special needs.  Joshua also received an official commendation from his city for playing an active and generous role in supporting the Summer Lunch Program, which prepared 29,328 meals for 1,778 elementary school students.

When he is not occupied with work or philanthropic projects, Joshua coaches youth basketball, engages in water sports, and most importantly, enjoys time with his wife and four children.

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