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Joshua Gogo, Ph.D., FCSI, CFA

Joshua Gogo is a learned engineer, economist, financial analyst, and computer scientist with over 24 years of experience in the business, economics, finance, and investment industries and a worldview born from having lived and worked in nine countries across four continents. With an impressive multidisciplinary background and a deep global perspective, he has built businesses whose reach extends throughout the world. He is the inspirational architect behind LDCS Consulting Group, Afcote, and XPolar Energy and Advanced Systems.

Born in Nigeria, Joshua began his career as an oil field engineer for a large global company after earning a degree in chemical engineering—the first of many. As he traveled the world in his role, he was inspired to build companies that could work in any region—and he’s done exactly that.

Joshua currently focuses on developing and implementing strategy, planning, economics, corporate finance, insolvency and restructuring, and risk management solutions to complex, multidisciplinary, multi-stakeholder challenges for individuals, investors, and both private and public organizations globally.He has successfully supported, advised, and led investor and corporate efforts in private equity investment structuring, venture capital, mergers & acquisitions, insolvency, restructuring, start-ups, organizational reengineering, market access, international tax optimization, debt and creditor negotiations and refinancing, fintech, and digital transformation. He is also a visiting university professor who lectures on energy and petroleum economics, policy, regulation, and strategic studies.

As chief economist and president of global advisory and transaction support for Afcote Associates, which he formed in 2009, Joshua provides and oversees due diligence, forensic economics, insolvency and restructuring, transaction support, wind-down and liquidation, corporate finance, structured finance, leadership development, transfer pricing, economic and financial analysis, investment performance monitoring and management, market research, economic and financial modeling, tax planning and optimization, and ESG solutions and services globally. As chairman of the investment committee for Afcote Investment Management, Joshua leads all investment decisions and management of the organization.


Joshua’s third company, XPolar, focuses on extending energy and technology infrastructure to rural regions around the world. He and his team work with partners and clients across the globe to design, build, develop, integrate, and manage energy and technology systems and infrastructure to help support these economies.

Joshua currently serves as a member of the Alberta Automobile Insurance Rates board, the assessment review board of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Alberta, as volunteer chairman of LDCS Capital, an SME financing and mentoring firm working with small businesses in Nigeria, and as a volunteer member of a number not-for-profit organizations.

Joshua had served in a number of executive level positions including chief operating officer, chief executive officer, and vice president in Africa and North America. He holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical/petrochem engineering, an MSc in computer information systems, and an MA and PhD in economics. He is a CFA® charter holder of the CFA Institute, chartered investment manager, fellow of Canadian Securities Institute, and a certified balanced scorecard professional.

Joshua Gogo, Ph.D., FCSI, CFA
Chief Economist/President, Afcote
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