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Joshua Gogo, Ph.D., FCSI, CIM®

Joshua Gogo is a learned engineer, economist, financial analyst, and computer scientist with over 23 years of experience in the business, economics, finance, and investment industries and a worldview born from having lived and worked in nine countries across four continents. With an impressive multidisciplinary background and a deep global perspective, he has built businesses whose reach extends throughout the world. He is the inspirational architect behind LDCS Consulting Group, Afcote, and XPolar Energy and Advanced Systems.


Born in Nigeria, Joshua began his career as an oil field engineer for a large global company after earning a degree in chemical engineering—the first of many. As he traveled the world in his role, he was inspired to build companies that could work in any region—and he’s done exactly that.


Joshua opened LDCS Consulting in 2009 as a company that specializes in business, economic, and finance consulting, offering a wide range of solutions, including business, strategic planning and risk management services. He works closely with clients to set up, expand, or restructure organizations to improve profits or to turn around struggling companies. Joshua’s newest venture, Afcote, is a global investment and finance consulting and management firm. The company supports individuals, private and institutional investors, family offices, and organizations by providing a host of services, including due diligence, transaction support, and corporate and structured finance. Joshua’s third company, XPolar, focuses on extending energy and technology infrastructure to rural regions around the world. He and his team work with partners and clients across the globe to design, build, develop, integrate, and manage energy and technology systems and infrastructure to help support these economies.


Joshua holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, an MSc in computer information systems, and an MA/Ph.D. in economics. He is a Level III candidate of the Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) Institute, a Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®), a Certified Balanced Scorecard Professional, and a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute.




Joshua Gogo, Ph.D., FCSI, CIM®

Vice President, Afcote

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