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Juan Atuesta


Living in multiple countries and working in numerous industries has given Juan Atuesta a unique perspective and broad view that he brings to his work in finance and venture capital. With an MBA from Babson College’s FW Olin Graduate School of Business, a school that has consistently ranked #1 in entrepreneurship, he excels in working with entrepreneurs and investing in startups. His involvement in the multiple stages of a company’s lifecycle gives him insight into what it takes to be successful and how not to fail.


Juan has two important roles: working as an interim CFO at different companies, helping them to set up their finance functions and put optimization in place, and functioning as a VC investor. “Right now, I am very proud of being able to leverage my experience into building a fund to deploy venture capital,” he says. “I love getting involved with early-stage VCs because you’re investing in ideas and have the opportunity to be creative.” Juan recently started working with a colleague to set up a larger VC-focused vehicle for startups in the United States. They’re expecting to raise $25 - 75 million in capital that they will deploy, and are in talks with a large European financial institution to back them. As the momentum continues to build, so, too, is the interest from others. “I want to invest in early-stage capital in the U.S. and am looking to partner with an important financial group to launch this fund in early 2023,” he says. 



Juan Atuesta

Partner at Elevante Capital


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