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Juan Fernando Valdemoros

If there’s one thing Juan Fernando Valdemoros doesn’t fear, it’s a challenge. His entire career has seen him rise to and overcome myriad challenges in the legal field and some unique situations that span multiple companies, countries, and cultures. In his early professional years, he served as general legal counsel of Argentina’s largest fruit importer-exporter, involved in litigating large-scale arbitrations in the Netherlands, the firm’s expansion into Chile, and handling many other responsibilities while also navigating between their offices in the Americas and in Europe.


After that, Juan joined Belatrix Software in Florida, helping them build an internal legal department from the ground up and devising all their legal processes, including technology, automated processing, and negotiation. He led the new department through an M&A process involving five countries, each with their own regulations and compliance laws. His department had just five lawyers while the opposition had 50, some of whom were the top attorneys in their respective countries—but Juan and his lean team triumphed. The experience made him realize that the key to success is efficiency and knowledge, not size or money. It inspired him to always challenge conventional beliefs about what lawyers and legal teams are “supposed” to be, and served to establish the values he holds to this day. “When it comes to the tech industry, lawyers need to be approachable, innovative, and relatable,” he explains. “If you work in the tech industry, you need to stay ahead.”


Today, Juan serves as senior legal counsel at Valor Legal Advisors in Austin, Texas, bringing to bear his knowledge, experience, and forward thinking in both civil and criminal law. Valor provides legal services to businesses around the world with a special focus on tech companies, a niche but growing sector. A tech-focused corporate lawyer who understands various regulations and cultures as well as the lifecycle of a tech firm, Juan’s insight is invaluable to clients, especially when it comes to companies looking to grow intelligently. “The reality is America cannot be self-sufficient in providing tech services. Almost all IT companies have to outsource 60% of their work,” he says. “Right now, quality tech service comes from very specific countries, mainly in Latin America, and they offer great quality with extremely competitive rates.” Juan helps American companies take advantage of the services offered in countries like Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, and others, in a safe and affordable way, while staying aligned with their core values. His international experience and licenses in both Argentina and the U.S., his bilingual skills in both English and Spanish, and his understanding different cultural nuances allow Juan to serve as a valuable bridge between American and international companies with regard to compliance and regulations, ensuring a seamless transition.


Juan loves many things about his work, but overcoming a challenge and getting the many moving parts to work together through hard and smart strategy is probably his favorite. He also enjoys successful negotiations—turning a “no” into a “yes.” Juan holds four master’s degrees in business, project management, international tax law, and corporate law, he’s also been invited to publish content in the ACC.



Juan Fernando Valdemoros

Senior Legal Counsel

Valor Legal Advisors


Instagram: @JF_Val_Austin    

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