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Juan Garrido

Juan Garrido’s undergraduate degree is in physics, but after pivoting to pursue a PhD in finance, he found he could merge the two disciplines together for a finance career with a focus on quantitative analysis. Today, he has a unique take on financial advisory.  In the 1990s, Juan created a fintech startup that developed the first commercial online tax-sensitive portfolio optimization platform for personal banking worldwide, which was eventually acquired by BBVA Bank. He then served as managing director for Deloitte, and was co-head of the Latam Chapter of New York’s Hedge Fund Association. Five years ago, Juan took his experience and expertise and assumed the role of managing director for his current firm, a family office focused on Latam, Middle East, and Asian clients, specializing largely in fintech, real estate, infrastructure, media, oil and gas and telecommunications. “Clearly, the world is changing at a speed that we have rarely seen in history. These are moments of difficulties, but change always creates opportunities. In the financial world, there is a pressing need to adapt and the UHNWI’s clients have an even greater need,” he says. “We try taking advantage of that paradigm shift that other wealth managers cannot do due to their large size and operational inefficiency. In this way, we’re well positioned as an institution that allows advising, managing and structuring global solutions for its private clients.”


As managing director, Juan brings his 20 years of experience in asset management and financial products and services to oversee the firm’s global investment strategy, design asset allocation, manage portfolios, and launch new businesses across diverse markets. He also handles UHNWI’s clients across the globe using a high-touch, high-tech approach to each one, working closely with them to navigate their specific needs and build personal relationships. “Clients need a personal approach in order to solve personal financial problems like inheritance and education,” Juan explains. “I solve complex problems every day, and I have to know the market and be creative. Every problem is totally different. I enjoy this immensely because when I get to be creative and work so closely with the clients, it’s impossible to get bored.”