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Andrew and Carl appear in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Andrew Mitchell, P.Geo., Founder & CEO

Carl Gutsche, Co-Founder, President, and Director

Andrew Mitchell and Carl Gutsche


Andrew Mitchell and Carl Gutsche are changing the way investors and enthusiasts across the globe access data surrounding the mining sector and driving critical investment fuel towards the industry in the process. Having both spent their professional careers acquiring industry expertise —from boots on the ground to executive level positions—their combined experience and professional strengths give them a unique and fortuitous understanding of the relationship between the market, the company positions, and the way things unfold in the field. Their big picture expertise further extends to the various supporting service companies who play an integral role in the execution of mineral exploration. Together, they co-founded Junior Mining Hub, a groundbreaking open access platform based in Kelowna, British Columbia. The platform gives real-time information on the day-to-day activities of the expansive mining sector and is designed to support and propel mineral exploration by providing transparency and context to the investment community.


Andrew, is a licensed, professional geologist and holds a B.S. in Earth and Environmental Science from the University of British Columbia, is the former VPX of Evergold Corporation. As the CEO of Junior Mining Hub, he’s a creator, visionary and financier, who brings the technical components of mining to clients in a user-friendly way. This facilitates their ability to relay information to potential investors wanting to learn about mining areas and global mineral belts. His inspiration for the company grew out of communicating with investors and CEOs and noticing gaps that required solutions. He desired to develop a beneficial means of attracting new investors to the industry, making investment opportunities available to the public in an unprecedented way. “With two children under two, it was time to make changes in my life to find a work-life balance to better support my young family. The mining sector has been very good to me and it’s great to leverage my experience to give back and help set a better inclusive stage to the various groups involved in mining around the globe. The ultimate goal is to help drive investment into the industry and unlock business opportunities, in a way that boasts a strong emphasis on social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and sustainable development and production,” Andrew said.


Carl, who holds an advanced degree in geographic information systems (GIS), brings over 10 years of diverse mineral exploration and technical experience. He is complimented by a strong track record in innovation and discovery. Today, as Junior Mining Hub’s president and director, Carl brings critical corporate industry expertise to the many challenges junior mining companies are faced with. ”The latter half of my career was an eye-opening journey. It’s easy to poke holes at systems and dream up solutions, but making it happen is something else. I’m extremely proud of what Junior Mining Hub is doing and to see its reception! We’re always learning, and the support we receive is great validation for our efforts as we modernize the industry and reduce barriers for investing in it,” he shared.


While Andrew and Carl steer the helm of this thriving startup, they’re actually more concerned with the big picture, aiming to comprehensively help the industry, the companies in it, its investors, and anyone else tied to it. Their platform is open access for individuals and companies alike. Mining companies can register for free, allowing them to add their projects and high-level information, or can choose to pay for enhanced features such as a corporate profile. Service companies, too, can purchase space on the platform for users to find. Both Andrew and Carl are committed to running their modern business with attention towards highlighting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) company efforts and the support of sustainable and responsible mining. Additionally, Andrew and Carl advocate for the hire of First Nation businesses and promoting their inclusion in the mining industry.


Purposefully deviating from traditional forms of marketing services offered to mining and junior mining companies, Carl and Andrew combine spatial context and organized information into a cohesive user experience towards the organic discovery of companies and their asset portfolios. “Think of it like an MLS for the mining space which highlights market catalysts and encourages users can find what interests them,” Carl stated. The monumental task they set out to accomplish has been met with equally immense positive feedback from the industry and their clients. These are the very people who drive them to continue promoting mining activities and investment opportunities, transparently, to the global investment community, while staying true to their company maxim: “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.”



Andrew Mitchell, P.Geo., Founder & CEO

Carl Gutsche, Co-Founder, President, and Director






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