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Justin A. Villeneuve


Launching a new business in the midst of a pandemic is no easy feat, but Justin Villeneuve, partner and co-founder of WVG Law Group, decided to do just that when he realized his future at the practice where he was employed would be affected by the looming shutdown. In the beginning, it was just him and one employee, but one year later, Charles Genest joined him as co-partner and together, with the support of William Wolfe and Wolfe Lawyers, they changed the image and brand of the firm. WVG continues to practice in association with Wolfe Lawyers and has since added a new partner, Bianca Bielecki. The firm has grown significantly as a result of the combined reputations, expertise, and decades of hard work of all three partners and Wolfe Lawyers.

WVG has a knack for taking on bigger and more complex cases. The firm navigates the law in creative and sometimes unprecedented ways in order to secure damages for clients that would otherwise be without resources. The firm has quickly garnered media attention on important issues, tackling corruption in the private and public sectors alike. The firm recognizes that whistleblower protection is virtually non-existent in Canada. They make a point to act on behalf of those who have the courage to stand up against the illegal and unethical wrongdoings of their employers. In addition to its thriving personal injury practice, Justin manages the general litigation division, which includes some global businesses and several large companies local to Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley. 


No matter the size or scope of the case they are managing, the partners at WVG work tirelessly to ensure clients get the best services without the unnecessary or inefficient processes seen at other firms. WVG limits how many files each of its lawyers take on to ensure that each client receives personalized and exceptional service. The culture at the firm produces a hardworking, caring, and valuable staff. From law clerks to paralegals to practicing lawyers, there is no waiver in the dedication each member of WVG puts toward the success of their clients and the firm.


While many lawyers to come out of law school might not have the opportunity to achieve what they set out to do, Justin was able to realize his goal. “Starting from the ground up has allowed me and my partners to build a practice that provides excellent service to our clients. Standing by people and being a resource for those who otherwise have no options is what drives us and continues to push our firm toward success,” he said.


Justin Villeneuve is a graduate of the Ottawa University Law Program.


Justin A. Villeneuve

Partner and Co-Founder — WVG Law Group


LinkedIn: Justin Villeneuve

Facebook: WVG Law Group

Instagram: WVGLawGroup

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