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Justin Mosley


Justin Mosley, founder and CEO of Leicestermore Capital, LLC, epitomizes the fusion of diverse experiences and expertise in the realm of real estate investment. A U.S. Navy veteran hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Justin's career encompasses a rich tapestry of economic expertise, financial insight, and a global perspective cultivated through traversing over 40 countries.

With over seven years of dedicated experience in real estate investing, Justin leads Leicestermore Capital with a vision centered on strategic investment in single-family homes, transforming them into high-yield short-term rental properties. He cites that his successful pivot from large-scale multifamily syndication to single-family syndication real estate facilitated the creation of a multi-million-dollar portfolio and the establishment of the STR Millionaires Program, a subsidiary that empowers investors through education and coaching, enabling them to construct their own STR portfolios. With over 500 participants in the Blueprint Program and 250 in the Masterminds Program, the STR Millionaires Program stands as a method of empowerment and knowledge dissemination in the realm of real estate investment.

Established in 2016 and headquartered in Jupiter, FL, Leicestermore Capital operates primarily in the sun belt and coastal regions, targeting high-growth real estate markets. Leveraging data analytics, profound market knowledge, and in-house property management, the company maximizes returns from its portfolio of 156 single-family homes, boutique hotels, and townhomes.

We spoke with Justin to learn more about Leicestermore Capital, the benefits of short-term rental investing, and the STR Millionaires Program.

Justin, what inspired you to start Leicestermore Capital and the STR Millionaires program?

My journey into real estate was driven by a deep-seated desire for financial freedom and autonomy. Having achieved my goals, I felt compelled to extend the same opportunities to others, albeit with less hassle. Thus, Leicestermore Capital and the STR Millionaires Program were born.


Leicestermore Capital aims to revolutionize real estate investment by tapping into the potential of short-term rentals—a concept often overlooked in favor of traditional models. We're reshaping the narrative by treating single-family homes as lucrative assets, leveraging them to generate substantial cash flow and tax benefits. While multifamily properties initially captured my attention, I soon realized the limitations they posed in terms of portfolio diversification. Our solution? Acquiring and renovating multiple single-family properties to amplify returns and unlock greater scalability. In essence, Leicestermore Capital and the STR Millionaires program embody my commitment to democratizing wealth creation and empowering individuals to seize control of their financial futures. Through education and strategic investment, we're reshaping the real estate landscape one property at a time.

What sets short-term rental investing apart from traditional real estate?

Short-term rental investments, such as those through Airbnb, offer a unique blend of profitability and resilience compared to traditional real estate models. Unlike conventional approaches, short-term rentals generate significantly higher cash flow by operating as both real estate assets and hospitality businesses. This dual revenue stream, coupled with the enduring demand for flexible accommodations driven by remote work and digital nomadism, ensures their recession-resistant nature. Leicestermore Capital strategically invests in off-the-beaten-path markets, particularly in the Sun Belt region, leveraging our diversified portfolio to mitigate risk and maximize returns across various property types and geographic locations.

Can you tell us more about the STR Millionaires Program?

Our STR Millionaires Program equips individuals with the essential skills needed to navigate the realm of short-term rental (STR) investing independently. What's remarkable about real estate investing is that it doesn't require a specialized degree; it's more about cultivating the right mindset and discipline. Through our program, we not only educate participants on identifying lucrative markets, property types, and cash flows, but also guide them in setting up their investments to be as passive as possible. This allows our members to prioritize their passions and enjoy the freedom to engage fully in life's moments.

As a father of four children, all attending private schools with bustling schedules, I understand firsthand the importance of time freedom. Previously, corporate commitments often meant missing out on significant milestones in my children's lives. However, real estate investing granted me the flexibility to be present for these cherished moments. For me, time freedom reigns supreme, and real estate investing is the key to unlocking it.

Lastly, Justin, can you give us a brief overview of some of STR Millionaire’s popular programs?

Absolutely! The STR Millionaire Blueprint is a comprehensive course designed to guide individuals through the step-by-step process of identifying, managing, and scaling a short-term rental (or Airbnb) business. It's tailored for those seeking a structured approach to success in this burgeoning industry. Our Mastermind Program caters to individuals who crave both coaching and community support. Often, the biggest hurdle for aspiring investors is overcoming self-doubt and shifting their mindset towards success. Our Mastermind Program addresses this head-on, providing group coaching sessions and strategic guidance to help participants navigate the nuances of the business. It also serves as a platform for networking and collaboration within the community. For those seeking a more personalized approach, our STR Millionaire Elite Partnership offers 1-on-1 coaching and intensive mentorship. This program provides individuals with the opportunity to partner directly with me, gaining hands-on experience and guidance as they navigate real-world deals. It's a tailored approach that allows participants to learn by doing, with dedicated support every step of the way.


Justin Mosley
Founder and CEO
Leicestermore Capital, LLC

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