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Justin VanAuken

At just 21 years old, Justin VanAuken is a licensed real estate agent, the vice president of operations for a real estate firm, and the founder and owner of his own development and property management company.

Justin started in the real estate business at only 17 years of age. While he was still in high school, he started working in a investment company that dealt with distressed properties. Justin would contact residents with liens on their property to see if they wanted to sell their homes. He bought eight distressed properties and cleaned them up and successfully sold all of them. He also gained two years of experience in the real estate investment/rehab industry before he started college in September, 2016. While in school at Pace University (where he currently attends), Justin got an internship in the marketing department of Platinum Properties, a real estate business based in New York City, and gained invaluable experience about the industry.

During the four months that he spent at Platinum Properties, Justin got his real estate license so he could take his career to the next level. After his internship ended, he began working as a real estate agent for L.G Fairmont. In that role, he got involved with renting luxury apartments to students in New York City. He created a specific niche that catered to college students and it became quite successful. He explains, “I would group college students together and explain that they could get a luxury apartment for a much more reasonable rate if they lived in the over priced college dorms. We would put up “flex walls” to create separate spaces to accommodate the students. I organized about 10-15 of those type of rentals.”  Justin adds that he gained comprehensive experience working as a true, full time, New York real estate agent.

Justin then transitioned into a position at a commercial brokerage on a real estate development and conversion team at CPEX Real Estate. He worked there for over four months and gained a deep understanding of the commercial and development side of business.

While still attending college, and with over four years of real estate experience under his belt, in May 2019, Justin started his own development and property management company in Brooklyn, NY. VanAuken Property Group is a highly successful business that focuses on multifamily and mixed-use residential homes. Justin started the business with a team of seasoned real estate veterans (including himself), so it is owned and operated by a highly experienced conglomerate of experts.

VanAuken Property Group is a development and property management company that adeptly manages four to six family brownstones and a few single-family homes throughout the five boroughs of New York City. The development team is waiting to announce their first project in January 2020. Justin adds, “We are not only a development and property management company – we are an “all around” property service company. We assist our tenants with anything they need; from gardening to building another story on the property or development.  All aspects of your property needs are covered under the company.”


Justin attributes his success to gaining diverse and extensive experience over a relatively short period of time and adds, “I really was able to get experience in all aspects of the industry before I started my own company.” As a business owner, Justin enjoys the freedom that comes with being your own boss but also takes the service and commitment that he provides to his clients very seriously. “I always want to move in a direction that is best for me as well as for my clients.”

In addition to running his company, Justin is also the vice president of operations at ReDefined Real Estate. In this role, he manages all current listings, handles recruiting, and leads the operations team. Justin currently lives in Manhattan and in addition to practicing real estate and running his own business, he is continuing to pursue a masters degree in marketing at Pace University.


Justin VanAuken, CEO and Founder

VanAuken Property Group

547 Rogers Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11225


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