Justin appears in the Top 100 People in Finance Magazine

Justin Weber is the managing partner of ASB Elite, an Arizona-based company that provides a full suite of financial services amenities. In accordance with Justin’s unique business model, ASB Elite prides itself on serving every level of investor. He states, “Whether you’re a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, fresh out-of-college dynamo, or a hobby aficionado in retirement, we make financial optimization a reality for you.”

ASB Elite, although relatively new, has already established itself as a prime contender in the finance sector. With Justin at the helm, touting his motto, “I am just a regular person that is fueled solely by passion”, the company has amassed an impressive roster of clients and onboarded a respectable staff of financial gurus. The end game, according to Justin, is “We want to help our clients understand and employ concepts of financial optimization, while giving our team of professionals the ability to build their empires and create a lucrative, freedom-filled life for themselves.”

Unlike the traditional “boutique” firms that are so abundant within the market, ASB Elite separates itself from the competition through a modern, laser-focused approach to both finance and client service. Justin, who got his start in the insurance business, discovered that most of the people he met were struggling financially and had very little knowledge about how to secure their future. He was compelled to be instrumental in changing that and, since he had already established a significant network and resources, he set about the challenge head on.

In addition to educating his clients through his proprietary ‘financial optimization model’, Justin actively creates content for informative articles and other online media. He is presently a cohost of, The Socially Awkward Podcast, a popular broadcast that features a variety of interesting topics, one of which is finance. Through this venue, Justin educates and brings awareness to various aspects of money management, retirement planning, transference of wealth, and other matters. 

When asked what the highlight of his career has been, Justin humbly tells us, “It hasn’t happened yet. I’m working hard and we are growing as a team but although a lot of great things have happened, I feel that the best is yet to come. We will keep moving forward and setting new goals.”


Justin attended Notre Dame Prep School, where he played hockey. Initially, he decided not to pursue a secondary education, opting instead to take advantage of opportunities as a professional athlete. This exposed Justin to the inner workings of finance, as it required knowledge of contracts, negotiations, and planning for the future. He later enrolled in traditional 4-year college but after 1 semester, realized it wasn’t for him and found a new vocation in the life and health insurance industry. Once he became familiar with the banking aspects of his new career, Justin decided to fortify his expertise by enrolling in finance courses at American College. Armed with knowledge of banking, finance, and insurance, it was a natural progression to his current role.

Justin is fully engaged in any project he undertakes, and this is especially apparent in his personal endeavors. He maintains an active role within the community through support of ChildHelp, the number one advocate for the prevention of child abuse, which has helped over ten million children thus far. When he is not helping clients or serving the community, Justin enjoys spending time with his family, especially his brother, who cohosts The Socially Awkward Podcast. He is very dedicated to fitness, is an avid MMA fan, and trains in both kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu at a local MMA gym.               

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