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K. Michael appears in the Top 100 People in Finance Magazine

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K. Michael Wallace is an experienced Investment advisor, investor, accomplished author, distinguished speaker, and the chief executive officer of Wallace Investments, an independent investment advisory company with an international presence.

Michael began his career in finance more than 36 years ago, by attending “The Commodities Educational Institute,” where he was trained and then passed the Series 3 Derivatives Exam at the age of 20, making him one of the youngest persons to ever pass this rigorous exam. During that same time, he started work in the sales and operations department of Merrill Lynch.  After achieving notable results in that role, he transitioned to Lehman Brothers as a foreign exchange trader and market maker. Following his early successes on Wall Street, Michael founded Wallace Investments in 1987, and has served in an executive capacity for the past three decades.

In complement of his operational and managerial obligations, Michael maintains an active advisory role within the company, assisting his impressive roster of clients with all aspects of asset management, financial planning, insurance, real estate and asset protection strategies. Unlike other investment advisors, Michael was taught by some of the largest and most successful traders and hedge fund managers in the world when he was a trader on Wall Street in the 80’s and he still speaks to them weekly to this day. Michael personally manages his clients’ assets, accepting full charge of their interests. His lengthy and diverse experience allows him to advice on a full spectrum of opportunities and options in an array of markets, while greatly diminishing the risks typically associated with investing, as evidenced by his most recent 2018 financial report, audited by an independent accountant. Results in the report show in 2015, a gain of 12.25%; in 2016, a 19.06% gain; in 2017, a 36.35% gain; and finally, so far in 2018, a 10.6% gain in assets under management…and the year is not over. In each and every year, K.Michael Wallace of Wallace Investments has beat the bench mark “Dow Jones Average” by a substantial margin, even after money management fees, putting K. Michael Wallace of Wallace Investments in the Top 1% of all money managers. This competitive advantage sets Wallace Investments, and Michael, apart from other investment firms.Using his proprietary approach,he has consistently outperformed most hedge funds, as reported by Barclays Hedge Fund Report, Michael asserts.

Wallace Investments are not restricted to offering only certain products, like other Investment firms. Michael states, “I opened this company to help clients with ALL of their assets, especially real estate, with 80% of all my clients’ net worth in real estate, it must be part of their overall investment plan. All of the other major brokerage firms do not allow their brokers to participate in any real estate transactions because of compliance issues. K. Michael Wallace says, “How can a client achieve a high percent return on assets if 80% of their assets are not included in the plan?” IT IS FOR THIS REASON THAT WALLACE INVESTMENTS WAS FORMED! 


A featured service of Wallace Investments is a FREE 401k/403b retirement plan review for our clients. We specialize in helping them get the best investment return in these plans as well as helping them understand what they have in the plan currently. Wallace Investments uses a sophisticated computer program to break down and analyze different investment scenarios brought to them by their clients. “It’s a very comprehensive 58-page report that is given to them, like a financial road map into their future that they can use to help them make informed decisions as to where they have been, where they are now and where they are going. No other Investment firm that we know of, is actively offering their clients this for FREE!  We feel clients with other investment firms are not getting the best advice, that’s why we cut through all the compliance issues by being dually licensed and insured as an investment advisor, insurance broker, real estate broker, and real estate instructor. Additionally, we are truly independent. We don’t collaborate with other firms, so we don’t incur the expenses that are traditionally passed on to the client. Wallace Investments fees are the lowest in the industry, with commissions of only a half penny per share.”

Undoubtedly, the breadth of Michael’s experience has aided in the success that Wallace Investments now enjoys. His skill set encompasses negotiation, sales, income replacement, mortgage protection, college education funding, retirement planning, investments, and asset management.

As an active and prolific real estate investor, Michael instructs classes on, How to Buy Real Estate;No Money Down and No Credit. He has also authored a series of chapters on real estate finance, which he has taught in both English and Spanish worldwide. Michael’s first book, Wallace Investment Real Estate Techniques and the follow-up, Wallace Investment Real Estate Contracts, are available on Amazon and detail the methods he used to acquire more than ninety-five properties, with no money down, so he knows the rewards and returns that are possible.

In complement of his writing and academic pursuits, Michael also speaks at corporate events, conferences, and seminars, and is widely acknowledged as an entertaining and informative speaker. He maintains an active professional profile as a member of the Bronx Manhattan Board of Realtors, Member MLS, The Real Estate Investment Guild, Hedge Fund Group, and the Finance and Investment Management Organization.

When he is not occupied with the demands of his career, Michael enjoys listening to and playing music. He is a skilled musician and composer, who has been part of a recorded rock band since his teenage years and can often be seen at Lincoln Center, attending a symphony.

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What attracted you to Wallace Investments?

With Michael, you get the sense that he puts that personal touch and understands every person. He’s there; he understands and whenever you call, he’s always available to answer any questions you have regarding the future and what you should do. You don’t worry because Wallace Investments is always there. Mike is always there to answer.

-Michael Rivera, Client

Joseph Ilarraza, Client

What I like best about working with Wallace Investments is his patience, his follow-up, and his effective communication.

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What attracted me to Wallace Investments was the ability to provide legal services to his clients and become part of his team and provide services in the commercial areas of real estate, estate planning, wills and trusts, as well as just general business questions relating to his clients as he is dealing with the investment side.  

Walter Drobenko, Legal Counsel

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Business Address: 14 Wall Street 20th Fl. NY, NY.  10005
Email:  |  Phone: 917.916.9545

Download the 2019 Top 100 People in Finance Magazine and see K. Michael's feature on page 4. 

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