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Karim Chandani

With over 25 years of experience as a business owner, Karim Chandani holds and in-depth understanding of his clients’ insurance needs. In fact, he has been frequently recognized for his ability to use a hands-on approach and creative thinking when working to support his clientele. Today, as vice president of HUB International Insurance, headquartered in Canada and Chicago, Illinois, Karim continues to work on behalf of his clients and to provide them with tailored insurance solutions, peace of mind, and advocacy.


Known as a leading, full-service, global insurance broker, HUB International provides property and casualty; life and health; employee benefits; and investment and risk management services. The company currently employs over 13,000 people and has more than 500 offices located across North America, making it the largest insurance brokerage in Canada and one of the largest in the world. HUB’s vast network of specialty experts are dedicated to providing instant information and industry leading solutions that smaller brokers simply cannot provide. For example, one of the company’s primary advantages is its ability to offer specialty practices such as hospitality, real estate, health care and construction to name a few.


Another unique advantage HUB offers is the ability to assist clients with their businesses as well as with their employees and employee benefits. Team members can also help clients with their personal home needs, automobile insurance, pet insurance, and travel needs. HUB has become a one-stop shop, encompassing every insurance product and service within one company. “It’s the team approach that makes HUB stand out from the competition. Working with high quality, experienced people like Yvonne Douglas in marketing, Marion Haralds as team lead, Tammy Anstiss handling certificate requests, and Tim Geddes and Mani Sharma providing leadership, our goal is the client and putting their needs first!”


As the vice president of hospitality at HUB, Karim not only focuses on the hospitality sector but also on retirement homes and manufacturing across Canada. As a result, he has a developed a large client base with a variety of different needs. It is, therefore, Karim’s responsibility to evaluate every company’s unique business needs and to determine the best coverage options available for each.


Recently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most insurance companies have experienced significant losses, which means they do not have the capacity to insure many risks. Consequently, the companies must then deal with worldwide markets in order to find the best insurance options, and that is where Karim comes in. He treats each customer’s business as his own and offers everyone he works with the best service possible.


Another change that has resulted from the pandemic is HUB’s increase in communication with clients. Team members have remained in contact with clients both by phone and by email to answer questions and to keep them updated on what is happening within the company as well as with insurance coverage options. HUB has also involved the company’s 90+ risk managers to develop and release a variety of checklists, which have been vital for their client base.


HUB’s team members have also been working to offer multiple webinars and resources. “The information and resources that have been created and provided to our clients throughout this challenging time have been industry leading,” says Karim. HUB has proven that despite a rapidly changing world, its employees will continue to provide unrelentless advocacy and will continue to help clients reach their goals through risk services, claims management, and compliance support.



Karim Chandani

Vice President

Hub International Limited

website: www.hubinternational.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/nowusing

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/karimchandani

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