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Karmen Figueiredo and Amanda Prenty

Karmen and Amanda appear in the Top 100 Canadian Professionals magazine.

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Karmen Figueiredo and Amanda Prenty

With a unique ability to connect with candidates, Karmen Figueiredo and Amanda Prenty are the ultimate corporate matchmakers in the recruitment space. Having worked together in HR for over two decades, Karmen and Amanda gleaned an intricate understanding of what companies really need across various industries. In 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, the duo launched their own boutique venture, KAS Recruitment. They specialize in executive search and recruitment of top talent.


KAS Recruitment has developed a unique approach that emphasizes collaboration and communication with both clients and candidates.  “We always dreamed about starting our own company one day,” Amanda explains. “After everything that happened with COVID-19, the timing was just right for us, and we officially joined forces and made it a reality.”


Offering personalized service for a fraction of typical agency fees, Karmen and Amanda have a knack for thinking outside the box and putting people first. “We really enjoy the relationship-building aspect of it,” Karmen states. “For us, it’s about maintaining these connections long-term.” Focused on keeping client satisfaction at the forefront, KAS Recruitment doesn’t require retainers, and clients are only charged when candidates are hired. Where Karmen is charismatic and personable, Amanda is an ace at management and contracts. Together, they’re a winning combination with a 95% placement rate and their growth has been entirely organic. The firm thrives on customer referrals and word-of mouth, which is a testament to their rising success and their commitment to their motto: “Our talent is finding yours.”


Karmen Figueiredo and Amanda Prenty

Co-Founders & Managing Partners — KAS Recruitment





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