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Kassandra Pike

Kassandra Pike, the dynamic CEO and founder of Fliptable Plus, is revolutionizing the way restaurants find and hire staff across the United States. Based in the picturesque state of Vermont, Fliptable Plus has been an archetype of innovation since its inception in 2021, providing a seamless hiring platform that leverages cutting-edge algorithms to match restaurants with job seekers in a matter of minutes.

With operations spanning 36 states across the USA, and a product that’s been uniquely featured in The Boston Globe and Vermont Business Magazine, Fliptable Plus is addressing one of the most persistent challenges in the restaurant industry: the hiring process. Kassandra’s brainchild simplifies and enhances job searches with an intuitive mobile app that utilizes artificial intelligence to ensure that restaurants can hire servers, bartenders, and other staff efficiently. The app’s proprietary matching technology considers a candidate’s experience, location, and work preferences, achieving up to a 100% match rate. This innovation has set Fliptable Plus apart in a crowded marketplace, particularly because it can accommodate multi-location restaurants and multiple managers under a single account—a feature not previously available.

Kassandra's journey into the tech space is deeply personal and inspired by her early experiences in the restaurant industry alongside her inspirational identical twin sister, Courtney. While working in various restaurant jobs during college, Kassandra recognized the significant hurdles in connecting with hiring managers who were often too busy or unavailable. This insight planted the seed for a streamlined solution to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers in an underserved sector. Kassandra already had a track record of entrepreneurial success with a previous consulting firm that aided other startups in navigating the challenging landscape of business development. Despite the achievements of the consulting company, Kassandra yearned for a more substantial challenge and a platform to make a broader impact. This led her to sell the firm at 26 and take a sabbatical to determine her next steps. The result of this introspective was Fliptable.

Fliptable emerged before the onset of COVID-19, making their no-contact hiring solution incredibly timely. The platform quickly became central to the restaurant industry's talent acquisition efforts. Intuitively, they evolved beyond a simple app, ultimately rebranding as Fliptable Plus. “The biggest challenge initially was shifting the mindset of restaurant owners who were accustomed to traditional hiring platforms like Indeed and Monster,” Kassandra shares. “We recognized that the true talent pool for restaurant jobs was more active on social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, so, by meeting job seekers where they already spend their time, Fliptable Plus has been able to connect restaurants with better talent more quickly.” Beyond this strategy, Fliptable Plus includes a wider range of comprehensive services, including a trusted payment processing and point-of-sale system. It therefore comes as no surprise that Kassandra’s vision, resilience, and unwavering commitment to solving real-world problems with innovative technology has positioned Fliptable Plus as the future of restaurant hiring.


Kassandra Pike

Founder and CEO

Fliptable Plus



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