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Kathryn Crous

Founder of EMR Forensics Expert LLC


Kathryn Crous’ extensive experience in the healthcare industry was the underlying foundation for the development of EMR Forensics Expert LLC., the highly successful electronic medical records (EMR) forensics consulting firm that she founded in 2017.


Kathryn worked as a registered nurse for over twenty years in the patient care sector and then moved into consulting and advisory roles for various healthcare practices.  She became a Microsoft systems engineer, which gave her complex technical expertise within the industry and later received an MBA from Regis University, which began her transition from the clinical world to the executive world of healthcare. Working as a network CIO for Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, NY, and as a CEO and strategy leader for Smart ExecTech Inc. provided Kathryn with the expertise and extensive experience to become a seasoned healthcare IT executive.


Her impressive career history and experience have given Kathryn an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the healthcare system including patient care, operational efficiencies, IT systems, electronic medical records, cost containment, relationship management, and legal issues.  As an expert in the industry, she works with judges, attorneys, and various clients to research complex medical situations and testify regarding any issues in patient care or patient record modification.


The recent transition from paper records to electronic records in the healthcare industry has unfortunately resulted in unintended consequences and numerous complications in determining what has happened in a patient’s care.  EMR Forensics Expert LLC was designed to help clients navigate through the complex and sometimes challenging world of electronic medical records – especially when an issue arises. Kathryn explains “People think that EMR is just one system - it is not. There are multiple systems that need to be well integrated and we need to understand how that architectural system is designed.  It is pivotal to understanding patient care and what occurs in their treatment.”

As the founder of EMR Forensics Expert LLC., Kathryn adds, “Having spent my entire career in healthcare I provide a deep understanding of the clinical, technical and healthcare workflow to articulate clearly to a jury the sequence of events in medical legal cases. I have practiced as an RN in many settings. I have designed, built, tested and deployed EMRs across the country including Cerner and Epic EMRs.”


In addition to her numerous professional accomplishments, Kathryn Crous was the recipient of the Physician Appreciation Award from Kings County Hospital in 2017.   She is also a coauthor of the book, Health and Wellness Today, which was published in 2016.

Contact Details:

www.emrforensicsexpert.com  |  www.benesserejourney.com

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