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Kathy May-Martin

Kathy May-Martin is an award-winning real estate powerhouse who has been featured on the cover of Tennessee’s Top Agent Magazine and in VIP Knoxville. As a best-selling author of The Essential Guide to Buying and Selling Homes, and a global luxury agent ranked among the top one percent of Coldwell Banker’s brokers nationwide, she stands as one of the most accomplished professionals in the industry. She has closed thousands of properties over the years, and billed multimillions. Kathy credits her success as both managing broker for the company for 23 years and a real estate agent for nearly three decades to her work ethic, commitment to serve, and attention to detail. Underlying it all is her ability to communicate with everyone. It’s no wonder her clients return to her time and again and refer others. “One of my favorite aspects of my business is getting repeat clients. I’m also based largely on referrals. My clients always say how easy I make the process—and that is my goal,” Kathy shares.

Based in the small town of Kingston, Tennessee, Kathy’s reputation as a driven professional with extensive market knowledge is well known across the West Knoxville region, as is her dedication to her clients and her agents, who view Kathy as a constant force. They know that if they call on her, she has the capacity to execute and navigate any problem that arises. As a real estate expert with a cache of industry awards, including Coldwell Banker President Elite and President Premiere, she believes in sharing her knowledge with others. In fact, this was her motivation for co-writing the book. “The book was always on my bucket list. A lot of clients had lots of questions, so I wanted to help give them a great resource to help answer their questions,” she explains. (Amazon ranked as the #1 Best Seller for Real Estate Sales and also as the #1 Best Seller for Real Estate Sales & Selling. Amazon also ranked the book as A Hot New Release in several categories).

Kathy points to her own experience in a rural community of approximately 53,000 to answer a common question around measuring success in numbers. “Success numbers are different depending on where you live,” she explains. “I closed 86 units last year totaling $19,580,260 (per Coldwell Banker) where the average MLS price last year for properties sold was $200,000. I’m not in a large city. I think success in numbers is relative to where your work environment is located.”

Kathy began her career in real estate. In 1992, she was an expectant mother with a busy new career in a new town. She joined Coldwell Banker Jim Henry & Associates in Kingston, TN determined to succeed—and she surely did. Six years later the owner, Jim Henry, saw something in her and offered her the position of managing broker of a team serving clients across the west Knoxville area. “I will forever be grateful for the opportunities Jim Henry has presented to me throughout my career. A true tribute to my accomplishments goes to the credit of my highly skilled office staff, assistants and marketing teams that I surround myself with.”

Guided by the motto she lives by, “I guarantee my personal best,” Kathy has successfully managed the office, training and hiring agents and overseeing operations as well as marketing initiatives; growing it from just four agents to now thirty-three while absorbing several companies along the way. She is also the engine behind the office’s magazine, reviving it from near-extinction when she first arrived to the go-to real estate source for the area. Kathy does all this while managing her own booming real estate business.

Kathy attributes the growth of her office to consistency and hard work, being able to have the wisdom to forecast  change, and then having the courage to execute change at the right time—embracing it and always looking for a better way to service their clients. In the complex field of real estate, their ability to simplify the buying and selling process and the training they provide their agents serve as the company’s foundation that allows them to thrive. “Our office is ever evolving, and if we’re not changing and evolving, we’re dying. That is what makes us successful,” Kathy shares.

Now long into her stellar career, Kathy still revels not only in educating others, but in expanding her own knowledge in an ever-changing industry. “One of my favorite things that I love in this business is that I learn something new every day. It is a passion of mine to help other agents cultivate their careers, so I love sharing my knowledge and experience while learning every day.”

As Coldwell Banker Jim Henry & Associates celebrates its 50th year, Kathy’s team continues their commitment to giving back through the sponsorship of organizations and community events. “We are very invested in the community where we live and work. Being in business fifty years, is a testament to our hard work and dedication to the communities we serve.


Kathy May-Martin

Managing Broker — Coldwell Banker Jim Henry & Associates

LinkedIn: Kathy May-Martin

Facebook: Kathy May-Martin real Estate

Instagram: KathyMayMartin

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