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Katrina Terry

In the landscape of child trafficking advocacy, few figures loom as large and inspiring as Katrina Terry, the dynamic founder and CEO of LION195 Against Trafficking, Inc. For Katrina, the passion to help the most vulnerable emanates from a deeply personal space, finding resilience in a history marked by hardship.


At the age of seven, Katrina was abducted, an incident so significant that it made headlines and saw over 200 people fervently searching for her. Unfortunately for Katrina, her nightmare didn't end there. Between the ages of 9 to 16, she endured sexual abuse from a close family member, and later, while serving in the military, she faced more sexual trauma. Despite all of this, Katrina’s narrative is not one of victimhood, but of resilience and redemption. She was blessed to heal both mentally and physically.


Today, with 20 years of executive leadership under her belt, Katrina brings to the table a distinctive blend of professional experience spanning cybersecurity, private investigations, bounty hunting and specialized talent acquisition. Her military service for the U.S. Navy during Operation Enduring Freedom adds yet another feather to her impressive cap, but what truly makes Katrina stand out is her unparalleled ability to connect. Her story resonates with those she protects and advocates for, making her not just a figure to admire from a distance, but someone they see as relatable.


In June 2022, led by the Lord, Katrina founded LION195 Against Trafficking. Originally self-funded, it is now a nonprofit dedicated to empowering child survivors of sex trafficking, girls and boys ages ranging from infancy to 18. LION195’s mission, however, is not just about recovery. It’s giving the children a safe place to thrive and to teach survivors that their traumatic past doesn't dictate their future.


LION195 is currently spearheading a fundraising campaign for the LionHeart Children’s Recovery Homes, dedicated to providing tailored recovery and healing support for survivors of child sex trafficking nationwide. This crucial initiative requires substantial support. The organization actively seeks corporate sponsors and donors, offering tax-deductible contributions to fulfill this vital mission.

Outside of her advocacy work, Katrina is dedicated to J.Galt’s mission to empower entrepreneurs, where she ensures business owners can fund their ventures without endangering their personal assets. Recognizing the desperation many feel, especially when considering staking homes or education funds, J. Galt Finance provides pathways to true corporate credit and corporate rates at 0-5% without personal guarantees. In doing so, the company fosters business growth, ensures consistent cash flow, and protects entrepreneurs' personal wealth, offering them the financial security they need to thrive.


Rounding off her trifecta of businesses focused on making a positive impact, Katrina is the CEO of Champions Defender, a 100% woman-owned enterprise specializing in investigative employment background checks and cybersecurity solutions. Catering to businesses and nonprofits, Champions Defender operates on the belief that cybersecurity shouldn't be a luxury, reserved only for large corporations. Moreover, they are on the brink of securing contracts with school districts to meticulously vet potential hires, especially given that some serious offenses are often reduced to misdemeanors, which can escape cursory checks.


In Katrina Terry, we see the fusion of resilience, leadership, and an unwavering commitment to making a difference. Her multifaceted career, from a Navy veteran to a powerful advocate in multiple sectors, is a testament to the human spirit's indomitability. Katrina is not just a survivor; she is an emblem of hope, urging us to not only acknowledge the darkness, but to actively participate in bringing forth the light.


Katrina Terry
Founder and CEO of LION195 Against Trafficking, Inc.
Regional Managing Parter of J. Galt Finance Suite

CEO of Champions Defender LLC

Website:  and  and



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