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Keleena Mariasine

With a career that spans 16 years across the realm of finance and banking, from financial services representative to financial advisor to estate and trust advisor, to say that Keleena Mariasine holds a comprehensive understanding of the industry would be an understatement. Now, as a wealth advisor with TD in Nova Scotia—and a female professional in wealth management—it is this experience that gives her the unique ability to consider her clients’ needs through multiple lenses. With this quality, she serves as a liaison for people looking to manage, grow, protect, or transition their wealth by customizing a team of experienced specialists who provide comprehensive financial solutions. Given Keleena’s passion for helping people, this role fits her like a glove. “It’s the clients and the stories that they share which I enjoy most about my work—hearing the family dynamics, how they made their wealth or built a business from the ground up and now want to sell it or transition it to a family member,” she says.


Keleena joined TD in Nova Scotia in 2005 and assumed the role of wealth advisor in 2017. TD provides a comprehensive solution to wealth management through a four-pillar approach:  Building net worth, implementing tax efficient strategies, protecting what matters, and leaving a legacy. By collaborating with TD specialists, Keleena’s uniquely broad expertise fills every one of these. “I spent half of my career in the banking industry, so I’m able to speak about mortgages, credit restructuring, cash flow, as well as taking a goals-based planning approach with each and every family."


Keleena meets with clients to gain an understanding of their priorities and connects them to a team of TD specialists to manage their investments and to assist with any other services they may require such as creating tax efficient strategies and estate planning. "It’s all about focusing on the client's needs and helping them achieve their dreams.”


Keleena holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in finance from Saint Mary's University and serves as chair of Women in Leadership for TD in Atlantic, Canada. “I’m a big advocate for women in finance and I’m living proof that it is possible,” she says.


Keleena Mariasine

Wealth Advisor

TD Wealth Private Wealth Management


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