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Keli appears in the Top 100
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CEO Keli Propp and co-founder, Dirk Propp, president of the board.

Keli Propp

Keli Propp thrives on problem solving. Naturally drawn to the sciences, she studied toxicology, beginning her career in project and product coordination for heavily regulated industrial technology companies. In 2017, she shifted gears. Keli and Dirk Propp co-founded Immigrate Software to fill a gap in immigration by automating the application process. Their solution was to consolidate all the forms, data, and expert advice into one platform. “We wanted to make it easy for everyone—for foreign workers to find good quality jobs, and companies to find the right people to fill open positions. My goal is to make immigration a one-click process,” Keli says.

Immigrate is an enterprise management system for foreign workers that helps Canadian companies with significant labor shortages navigate the approval process for hiring foreign workers. They match companies with prospective employees from around the globe, while ensuring that immigrants have access to professional advice during the application process. Hiring companies and individuals can use their transparent application-tracking system to view all forms and data at each step.

As CEO, Keli provides direction to company strategy, working with the engineering team to translate the company vision into a real, usable product. She plans and executes upcoming features and guides them from one market to the next. Taking a holistic approach, she gets to know and understand her customers and their specific immigration issues. She empathizes with them, looking for the sources of problems, tearing down the small roadblocks along the way that can cause bigger complications down the road.

For Keli, having an impact on others’ lives has had an impact on her, in return. By adding the aspect of stewardship to her love for crafting solutions, she has found her true calling. What’s more, she’s done this as a founding female leading an exceptionally diverse team. Over 50% of Immigrate’s employees are female, with team members from all over the world. They’ve collectively helped people from more than 60 countries. The best part? “We’re helping people make Canada their home,” she shares. “We helping people solve problems with immigration, but, ultimately, we’re helping them achieve their dreams.”


Keli Propp

Chief Executive Officer — Immigrate





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