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Ken Aseme

After over a decade in investment banking and fund administration with top-tier fund administrators, Ken Aseme noticed a pattern: He saw that managers who needed the most attention were given the least, and he decided to fill that void and help people who were trying to effectively run a business. And thus, Hazic Investments Fund was born in 2009 in Los Angeles, to provide fund CFO and administration services and handle the back-office functions so that business owners could focus on investors and growth. Ken and his team of seasoned experts work with businesses of all sizes and scopes in the U.S. and Europe, tailoring their services to each client’s unique needs with a high-touch, boutique approach—all for a fixed monthly fee. They’ve helped many clients grow from their first fund to a multi-fund strategy, providing guidance and support along the way—and the industry has taken note, with a feature in Groundbreaker.


Today, Hazic is seeing considerable expansion, as demand from fund managers increases. “As more venture capital funds come to the market, there are more opportunities to help them through pitfalls that might happen along the way,” he says. He also notes that smaller funds are on the rise as barriers to entry come down. “Businesses can start funds, but not necessarily hire full-time CFOs, so they need fractional CFO services as well as a small boutique fund administrator who can provide the high touch and understands the dynamics of these smaller funds.” With Hazic’s insight into senior management, strict quality controls, and innovative technology, they can provide support for any kind of business, and they’ve worked with a broad variety of private equity fund types and structures. But it’s not just his business and finance acumen that inspired Ken to start the company. “It also plays into my entrepreneurial spirit. I understand the challenges of running a small business, so I can empathize with the manager on a human, personal level and bring in my skill set on a professional level,” he says. “I love getting in the trenches with people and helping them build something. It gives me a great sense of personal reward.”


Ken holds an MBA and is a certified chartered accountant.


Ken Aseme

Founder & CEO — Hazic Fund Services