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Ken Markizon

Over the past 20 years, Ken Markizon has made the impossible possible for small business owners throughout the country. As president and CEO of Oakmont Commercial, LLC, Ken is responsible for the origination and servicing of commercial mortgages. With special emphasis on deals that don’t fit the traditional bank underwriting model, he’s been involved in over $1 billion in investments to date. “We lend on good real estate to good people, with good stories,” he says. “It’s about having the chance to help people and make a difference in their lives.” Headquartered in Southampton, Pennsylvania, Oakmont Commercial is a wholly owned subsidiary of Quaint Oak Bank with a dedicated focus on Main Street America.


The specialty commercial real estate financing company provides loans to small businesses and investors who fall outside the criteria for traditional financing. “We’ve developed a model that allows us to see past the paperwork and help the mom-and-pop shops that wouldn’t be able to get loans otherwise,” he explains. “We speak with every borrower about their business and their goals, which allows us to approve loans with pricing structures that work for everyone.” Prior to helming Oakmont Commercial, Ken served as president of KCMI Capital. Ken is very proud of the relationships he’s built and is driven by a passion for helping others. “I love playing a role in helping small business owners succeed,” he states. “Being able to contribute to their dreams and stories is what keeps me going every day.”


Ken Markizon

President — Oakmont Commercial, LLC


LinkedIn: Ken Markizon

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