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Ken Presley

Ken Presley brings over 15 years of finance and business leadership experience to his role as Vice President of Finance at Cherre, the leading real-estate data management and analytics platform, based in New York. Cherre is the largest real estate knowledge graph in the world and is trusted by the industry’s most important stakeholders to deliver mission-critical performance and reliability. Ken joined Cherre in early 2020 as finance hire number one.  “I am building a unified finance infrastructure to enable rapid decision making, and I’m helping to define the vision for long-term success,” Ken says. “That involves being world-class in all aspects of finance and accounting, as well as being a core part of each functional team, helping to set the strategic direction for Cherre.”


The founder’s vision for Cherre has always been extremely far-reaching – to transform real estate investing, underwriting, and management into a science. To achieve that goal Cherre would need to convince the entire industry to work together for the first time. We would need to bring every data vendor into the network to share data with Cherre, and for many, this would be the first time they have ever shared data with anyone. We would need to show them that we would protect their hard-earned IP, and at the same time, create and strengthen new and impactful use cases for their data.


This is exactly what we did. Together.


Prior to joining Cherre, Ken held roles of increasing responsibility at GroupM, Bonobos, Hulu, and Amazon.  He leverages these experiences at Cherre, and, like the company itself, he is on a mission to be the very best and is always looking for new ways to be driven, curious, and empathetic. When he is not working to make Cherre the best real estate data management and analytics platform on Earth, Ken is helping to make the world a better place through his work with programs to increase voting access.  Ken is also an avid fan and participant of live music, and a jazz music enthusiast in particular.



Ken Presley

Vice President of Finance — Cherre



Instagram: first_name_kensington

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