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Kendell appears in the Top 100

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Kendell Johnson

Kendell Johnson is the co-founder and CEO of a subscription-based carshare program built for the future. His company, Subskryb Corporation, is a Canadian-based social platform that serves as an incubator for carshare users and hosts alike. Named “One of the Best” owners on multiple carshare platforms in the past, Kendell has spent his entire career devoted to delivering exceptional products and customer service. With Subskryb, he’s delivering once again, replacing the ineffective and anemic app with a comprehensive platform that is solving the problems that have plagued the industry.

With special emphasis on enablement, the company’s dual focus on subscribers and vehicle investors is what separates it from the pack as an innovative ecosystem that brings suppliers, partners, vehicles, and investors together for a better experience. The Subskryb platform facilitates asset sharing with long-term carshares and features that include location intelligence and profile management, which offers loyalty points that rewards users for safe driving. On the flip side, hosts have the ease and convenience of being able to invest and scale without any requirement of a physical presence. The company leverages technology as a vehicle to monitor the entire process and provide peace of mind for investors who want to expand into other areas. It also incorporates training tools that show users and hosts how to effectively participate in the program. “Much of my career was spent in technology while supporting the automotive industry, where I learned a very important lesson—focus on the people using the technology, and adapt the technology to the future needs of people thereafter,” Kendell shares.

As a veteran in the software subscription business, Kendell spent almost two decades working for companies such as Zuora, Salesforce, Pitney Bowes, and Oracle Corporation, where he tackled some of the largest customer portfolios in North America. His extensive background and experience leading sales teams as one of the original sales leaders for Salesforce Quebec served to directly influence Subskryb, which stands at the forefront of the asset-sharing industry. “My co-founders, Giovanni Smith and Preston Martellyand, and the rest of the Subskryb family have all been critical on this journey,” he shares. “I started with a dream, and together, we built a rocket ship.”

Kendell Johnson

Co-Founder & CEO — Subskryb Corporation

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