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Kenneth Seals-Nutt


Kenneth Seals-Nutt, an accomplished tech-focused entrepreneur, has made his mark in both industry and academia. With a passion for cultural heritage and gender equity in the digital age, he's the co-founder of Science Stories and is in engineering leadership at Wizard Commerce.


In the tech industry, Kenneth has led successful engineering teams, overseen system design, and architected products that produced millions of revenue dollars from adtech to e-commerce. His expertise extends to full-stack software development, and he's made it a point to play a pivotal role in both the entrepreneurial and academic spheres simultaneously. In academia, Kenneth's specialization lies in applied computer science, with a focus on digital preservation, cultural heritage, semantic web, knowledge graphs, linked data, and digital humanities. His contributions have led to partnerships with prestigious institutions like UNESCO, Johns Hopkins, Yale University, Software Heritage, Library of Congress, USDA, and the Smithsonian.


One of Kenneth's notable achievements is co-founding Science Stories in 2018. This digital storytelling platform is dedicated to preserving the legacies of women and underrepresented individuals in STEM. Science Stories collaborates with museums, universities, libraries, and government archives to digitize content, creating open access interoperable datasets. These resources are transformed into interactive visualizations and media of archival records, making them accessible to people of all backgrounds and ages. Science Stories has already shared over 3.5k individuals’ stories, fulfilling its mission to 'unforget' the lives and works of underrepresented innovators.


Currently, Kenneth is a technical leader at Wizard, a disruptive NYC-based company on a mission to revolutionize e-commerce with AI. Wizard provides a personalized shopping experience through intelligent SMS conversational commerce, offering everyone a personal shopping assistant.


Kenneth Seals-Nutt
Co-Founder of Science Stories
Lead Software Engineer for Wizard


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