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Kenton appears in the Top 100
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Kenton Epard

In the realm of leadership development and executive performance, Kenton Epard stands out as a unique innovator and entrepreneur. As founder and CEO of The Nexus Initiative, a boutique coaching firm, his approach transcends conventional coaching methods.

Epard’s coaching methodology rests on the belief that the best decisions are made at the crossroads, the nexus, of the left-brain’s cognitive processes and the right-brain’s creative-emotional processes. Epard quotes Portuguese neuroscientist, Antonio Damasio. “We are not thinking machines that feel. We are feeling machines who think.” Epard says research supports this, “Bottom lines and workplace culture are boosted when we cultivate the assets of emotion and rational thinking.”

Sometimes, the best decision is weighted toward logical factors, sometimes toward creative-emotional factors, and sometimes it’s a balance both in constructive tension. His extensive personal and professional experiences solidified his belief that emotional intelligence and mental agility are foundational skills for success.

To realize his “nexus” methodology, Epard’s coaching approach is an integrated one that develops emotionally intelligent and mentally agile leaders and teams. But he doesn’t stop there because it is important to move theory into practice and successful application of these beliefs in the real-world matters. To ensure success, he leverages two things: his extensive real-world operating experience, developed over thirty years, and multidisciplinary thinking, which seeks to identify insights from others and reuse them in the client’s circumstances. Epard says, "Success occurs when the left-brain and right-brain thinking is balanced in healthy interplay. This philosophy is what I call “Nexus Thinking TM.”  With this guiding principle, Epard skillfully empowers his clientele, ranging from private equity firms to Fortune 500 companies, family businesses, private schools, and religious organizations.

Epard’s ascent into coaching is a testament to his adaptability and commitment to continuous improvement. From a family business in agriculture to Silicon Valley after earning an engineering degree from Kansas State University, his career has spanned diverse roles. These include positions at Texas Instruments’ acquisition, Amati Communications, a fast-paced Stanford-originated semiconductor startup; Level 3 Communications, a global telecommunications firm; a financially successful wind energy development company he co-founded; and a cryptocurrency mining company he founded.

After these corporate experiences, Epard became a successful angel investor, serving on multiple startup boards and private school and church non-profit boards. Recently, his selection as a Blackstone Entrepreneurial Network advisor further validates his expertise in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Epard holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Business, which enriches his strategic and business acumen. However, his passion for guiding individuals toward success truly defines his purpose. Notably, Kenton’s qualifications as a certified executive coach, certified Positive Psychology practitioner, certified Genos Emotional Intelligence practitioner, and member of the International Coaching Federation underscore his commitment to excellence in coaching. 


Kenton Epard
Founder and CEO
The Nexus Initiative

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