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Kevin Kutz


In the world of unique and extraordinary diamonds, one name shines as brightly as the beautiful gems themselves: Kevin Kutz, the owner and president of KK Diamonds LLC.


As the purveyor, coordinator, and resource for fancy color diamonds that are known for their unparalleled "wow factor," Kevin and KK Diamonds have revolutionized the way collectors and connoisseurs experience the allure of these natural wonders. Simply put, they are the top destination for anyone seeking magnificent gems.


Possessing an extraordinary ability to discern the subtle nuances that make each stone unique, Kevin’s ascent to the throne of a diamond empire began after an extensive mentorship and studies in geology and gemology at the Gemological Institute of America. Now, as a foremost authority and one who is known for getting the “ungettable,” he is introducing the world to the marvels of fancy color diamonds.


What truly distinguishes KK Diamonds is the authenticity of its inventory. Every fancy color diamond in their collection is natural, rare, and genuinely one-of-a-kind. And, if they don’t have a specially requested rare color on hand, Kevin will find it! Through his extensive network and supply channels, he has located and acquired the most elusive and unique colors from across the globe.


Kevin’s commitment to excellence has driven KK Diamonds to remarkable success, doubling its revenue in year two and increasing tenfold in year three. Undoubtedly, clients have discovered that KK Diamonds goes beyond the traditional jewelry store experience, offering a streamlined, modern concierge service where they can share their preferences, experiences, and dreams, knowing that KK Diamonds will deliver exactly what they want, and what no one else can.


The Top 100 Magazine was fascinated to learn that fancy color diamonds are as boundless as an individual’s imagination. We spoke to Kevin to learn more about his business and how he has become the ‘DaVinci of Diamonds.’ 


Kevin, how is working with KK Diamonds different from going into a retail jewelry store?


What sets us apart at KK Diamonds is our unparalleled expertise in fancy color diamonds. Most national jewelry chains don’t have the kind of access or resources that we do. We’ve dedicated years to studying and mapping the rich spectrum of colors and quality of diamonds. For instance, a seemingly simple color like yellow has various saturations, from a pale butter to a vivid canary shade. We understand the subtle distinctions within these colors and can pinpoint the exact hue a customer desires. I also have the freedom to explore beyond traditional supplier networks, reaching out globally to access any cutting facility, mining operation, or manufacturer. Then, we go a step further by asking questions like, "What's your favorite color?" or "What's your fondest memory?" This enables us to create a piece of jewelry that resonates with the buyer on a profound level. Retail stores rarely engage in such deep conversations and simply don’t possess the knowledge to deliver this personalized experience. Above all, we prioritize our clients’ satisfaction, never compromising on quality or personalization. We would rather forgo a sale than offer something that doesn't align with their preferences and expectations. In short, we are more than jewelers; we create lasting memories through the beauty of fancy color diamonds.


What are some of the most popular diamond colors or pieces of jewelry?


Our most sought-after pieces are undoubtedly our rings, especially those designed for engagements and bridal occasions. Among diamond colors, yellow takes the top spot in terms of customer demand, closely followed by pink. These two colors consistently outperform others in popularity. Additionally, we often receive requests from clients eager to explore the exquisite world of colors that are even more exceptionally rare.


What is the rarest color diamond?


It's widely acknowledged that pure red diamonds, with no modifying colors, are the rarest of all. However, based on my experience, I would like to add that violet diamonds, in their purest form, may be equally rare. I am one of very few people who can provide true red or true violet diamonds.


What are some lesser-known facts about fancy color diamonds or diamonds in general?


One of the most surprising facts about diamonds is that they are the most diverse gemstones in terms of color. Many people are unaware that diamonds occur naturally in a wide array of colors. What's even more intriguing is that a single diamond can display three different colors simultaneously. For example, you might have a diamond categorized as "fancy brownish-orangish yellow." In this case, yellow is the primary color, constituting most of the diamond's hue. The remaining is a combination of brown and orange, each contributing smaller percentages. When these three primary colors blend, there is an overall yellow appearance, but with a beautiful interplay of colors. It is truly a work of color science. This complexity is what makes colored diamonds unique. Two diamonds with the same name, such as "brownish-orangish yellow," can appear entirely distinct because of variations in the percentages of each primary color. This intricate dance of colors is why diamonds are often considered the most vibrant and visually captivating gemstones created by Mother Nature. Moreover, colored diamonds have a unique ability to evoke emotional responses. While colorless diamonds may not elicit strong feelings, colored diamonds tell a story. They remind people of specific moments and experiences. For example, brown diamonds can capture the essence of the changing seasons in New England, with their modifying shades of reds, yellows, oranges, or greens. When people look at these diamonds, they see more than just a piece of jewelry; they see memories, stories, and personal experiences reflected in the gem's color. This is why I'm passionate about my work. Clients share their stories, memories, and what matters most to them. Whether it's a beach vacation, the beauty of the Caribbean, or cherished moments in their lives, these sentiments are encapsulated in the color of diamonds. We hold the belief that color is the essence of life's beauty. It envelops us in our daily lives and has the power to stir profound emotions when incorporated into jewelry. Our jewelry isn't just about proposals or special occasions; it becomes a repository of stories, representing the person and the memories they hold dear.

Kevin Kutz
KK Diamonds LLC



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