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Kevin Miller


With an unwavering belief that having a passion for what you do provides the drive that gets you through all the ups, downs, and challenges you face along the way, Kevin Miller co-founded M2 Optics Inc. in 2001. Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, the family-owned business specializes in designing and manufacturing customized solutions for critical fiber optic testing and networking applications. “I became interested in fiber optics and developed a passion for the technology, since it supports virtually all global communications in one manner or another,” he states. “Whether you're surfing the Internet, talking on a mobile phone, placing a stock trade, uploading a video to social media, or streaming a movie, all of it is made possible by fiber optic communications.”


Adhering to a vision of helping engineers advance global communications by improving the way they use and manage optical fiber, M2 delivers value-driven solutions that help users solve challenges and achieve their goals. “Everyone has different needs, so offering complete customization has always been at the forefront,” Kevin explains. “There’s no such thing as ‘off-the-shelf’ at M2 because every product we manufacture is built to the customer’s exact specifications, maximizing the value and benefits they receive.” Recently nominated for an award by the North Carolina Tech Association for use of tech in manufacturing and supply chain, the company also received a prestigious 2022 Product Innovation Award from Lightwave.


Prior to launching M2 Optics, Kevin got his start working in software sales, where he sold web-based CRM and email marketing software solutions after college. Thereafter, he started the business out of his apartment with his father, an optical engineer. Together, they grew their two-man business into a thriving venture that’s now serving many of the largest companies around the world. “I’ve always believed that although we manufacture products, we are truly in the business of helping people,” Kevin says. “Knowing that M2 plays an important role for companies developing and deploying equipment that supports the vast global communications network continually drives the passion we have for what we do.”


Kevin holds a bachelor’s in business administration from Loyola Marymount University, is a member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization and serves on the board for the Tiffany B. Autry Foundation.

Kevin Miller
Co-Founder & CEO — M2 Optics Inc.

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