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Kevin Wright

Even before moving into property management and recruiting, Kevin Wright had closed nearly 100 transactions with a total value of $30 million over his career as a realtor from 2008 to 2013, granting him annual status as a member of the Multimillion Dollar Club. Kevin also graduated from ECARS Leadership Development Program in 2011 and served on several committees through the Board of Association in North West Florida.

In 2014, Professional Perspectives hired him as a senior staffing consultant/recruiter.  After having received numerous sales awards, in April 2018, he assumed his current role as regional staffing manager, and rose to the challenge to expand the company by opening a new office.

For Kevin, behind the accolades and the status, lie the people he serves. “I truly want to help people, and that’s essential in this field.”  For him, running into someone years later, who he helped to take the next step in their career and witnessing their success, is the real reward.  This desire has driven his entire real estate career in sales, property management, and recruiting alike.

Professional Perspectives, an executive search and staffing company, connects leading Denver companies with top-tier talent.  Their team brings hands-on expertise to every placement—accounting and finance, IT, office support, HR, and real estate.  As a regional manager of the firm’s real estate and property management division, Kevin has overseen and managed an in-house team recruiting and staffing candidates for clients in the industry.  Kevin averages six to ten new hires each month, helping Professional Perspectives maintain a consistent total of about 100 staff in the field.

Even more impressive than Kevin’s outstanding achievements is his humanistic approach to accomplishing them.  “I use technology as a tool, however my main focus and goal over the years has always been the one-on-one human element that I bring to the table with my clients and employees.  I find, recruit, and get to know every one of my employees before they work for us, so I know how to help them best.  The same principle applies to my client relationships as well.  What I find to be the biggest factor in my success is all of my relationships that I have developed over the years.  That’s really the key to this business and that’s more valuable to me than a paycheck, commission, or anything else,” he says.

Kevin Wright

Regional Staffing Manager — Professional Perspectives




Download the magazine and see Kevin's feature on page 119.

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