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Kimberly Walker

Kimberly Walker is a creative visionary and an entrepreneur with an eye for design—and she’s making her mark on the tableware industry in a major way. Driven by a passion for creating the new, the unique, the unexpected, Kimberly thought incorporating art with technology could be the perfect recipe for functional tableware that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Her instincts were right, and she was awarded two utility patents for digital table settings. Now, as the CEO of Skylight Home Décor, LLC, with 20 years in management, she’s bringing it to masses, with the product set to launch in October 2022. Located in South Jersey, the startup is a gamechanger for tech-inspired table settings and home décor with an innovation that aims to transform the definition of “decorating.”


From a communication device that allows people to order directly from a menu on a table setting design, to transformative LED artistic tableware that can be used to emulate a variety of designs, Kimberly’s creations are nothing short of unique. In a space that has remained virtually unchanged, Kimberly’s trailblazing technology literally sets the table for the future of home décor as we know it.


Kimberly is a United States Army veteran and missionary volunteer. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Upper Iowa University.


For information about investment or partnership opportunities, please contact Kimberly directly.


Kimberly Walker

Skylight Home Décor, LLC




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