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Kimmy Wan

When Kimmy Wan first came to the U.S. from Hong Kong, China at the age of 16, thanks to a sponsorship, the only English she knew were numbers and body parts, because her original goal was to become a nurse or an accountant. She worked hard at minimum-wage jobs to put herself through undergraduate and graduate school, earning a degree in finance and economics with honors from California State University at Sacramento as well as an MBA from the University of Phoenix. Her motto, “Work hard, dream big,” has stayed with her since then—and continues to drive her. Today, with more than 20 years of financial industry experience, as well as sales and marketing and portfolio management, she is the founder and CEO of Sacramento, California-based KW Wealth Management, where she provides clients with investment advising services. Through its two offices, she helps clients across the U.S. to create personally tailored portfolio strategies and comprehensive financial plans that align with their needs and goals.  She also advises entrepreneurs and small to mid- size companies through the entire process in acquisition, merger, recapitalization, underwriting, private placement, and equity or debt financing solutions.

Because she knows the struggle of coming to a new country, learning a new language, and building a life from scratch, Kimmy works hard to uplift other immigrants and members of the AAPI community. She also wants her own success as a business founder and owner to inspire others, especially given the unfortunate spike in hate crimes committed against the AAPI community over the past year. Through her firm, she’s also able to help people manage their money and plan for their own futures, something that eases their stress and ensures them a stable, successful future for their families. Fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese, and speaking some Japanese and Chinese sign language, Kimmy is able to communicate with clients across the AAPI community and make them feel comfortable and welcome.

As a minority woman business owner, Kimmy feels it’s important to help others in similar positions, and to support and amplify the voices of all people. “I believe in investing in diverse voices, forward-looking insight, and ongoing improvement in human progress for our country and worldwide. Everyone can benefit economically from peace, respect, communication, and education,” she says. “Therefore, as the CEO of KW Wealth Management, I will continue to invest in a company with the most outstanding leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs, no matter what ethnicity, gender, or origin, on behalf of our clients. Through this, we can activate the best potential growth and prosperity for our clients, our community, and future clients. I didn’t set up this business for money, but to create a community where I can help other people to invest into their future. The world is so much bigger than us!”

Part of building a better, brighter future for everyone includes a lot of communication, and not just for her immediate clients. In addition to her hands-on, attentive work with clients of KW Wealth Management, Kimmy also maintains a blog and a YouTube channel to promote financial education and literacy, and to help others keep up with market trends, as well as providing guidance for life events and investments. “I started writing about my thoughts, my market insight, and curious wonderings about our evolving world, and I have been at it ever since. These publications also help the younger generation and the underserved community with more financial guidance,” she shares.

Kimmy Wan

Founder & CEO — KW Wealth Management, LLC, Registered Investment Advisor

Brokerage Custodian- Interactive Brokers LLC





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