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Konstantin Lichtenwald

When he founded Zeus Capital, LTD and co-founded, in 2019, Konstantin Lichtenwald brought 15 years of finance and accounting experience, including corporate compliance and financial management, as well as experiences with firms like Ernst & Young, to his new endeavor. Today, with Konstantin as managing director, the Vancouver, British Columbia-based firm has clients the world over, as well as satellite offices in Singapore and Germany. Zeus Capital provides corporate finance advisory, merger and acquisition services, and IPO/RTO advisory services, with a “one-stop shop” goal for their clients. That means that every step of the process is done in-house with the Zeus team, from pinpointing opportunities to structure planning and going-public strategies, to the eventual exit strategy and anything and everything in between. They also have a wide network of partners in adjacent fields to provide consultations for legal, tax, and banking issues.


Konstantin, a Canadian CPA and an ACCA in the U.K., also obtained his exempt market dealer license from the BC Securities Commission and is successfully established in Canadian capital markets. These designations allow him a deep well of knowledge of markets in Canada and beyond, which he draws on to best help private companies go public. In addition to the financial advisory, merger and acquisition, consulting, and capital market services, Konstantin’s team takes these companies public on North American stock exchanges, guiding them through the entire IPO or reverse takeover process, and guiding their management on how to run a public company. “The IPO process is a very long, sometimes painful procedure, with a lot of hoops you have to jump through,” Konstantin says. “You have to be dedicated and persistent on behalf of your clients to guide them through all of the complexities. We are very involved with our clients’ businesses and work very closely with them every step of the way.” The firm’s main market, when taking companies public, is a primary listing in Canada and then a dual listing in the U.S., as well as a dual listing in Europe, particularly Germany. Dual listings are a unique specialty offered by Zeus and something not commonly offered by other firms.


Konstantin has found success thanks to his dedication, persistence, and hands-on approach—and so, too, have his clients across the globe. He uses his years of experience and expertise to find businesses that the market will welcome and works out the best approach to bring these companies public and become listed on stock exchanges. “Our specialty is finding the unicorns within the millions of businesses that are out there and bringing them to the public, so everyone can participate in the growth of these businesses,” he says. At the end of the process, these companies are not only participating in the stock market, but also open to major growth and evolution. “Being a part of their success is what I love most,” Konstantin says. “This is what drives me.”


Konstantin Lichtenwald

Founder & Managing Director — Zeus Capital, LTD


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