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Kristen McLean


Kristen McLean leads Metro Phoenix Bank’s (MPB) Commercial Lending Division with her longstanding and comprehensive Commercial Real Estate (CRE) expertise.  With over two decades of experience, Kristen has sourced, negotiated, facilitated, and maintained lasting commercial lending relationships. Her ability to connect and establish a rapport with business owners is twofold. Her hands-on approach illustrates she is committed to client needs and knows commercial lending, but her practical CFO experience of a development company elevates her ability to genuinely connect with clients.  Her unique blend of experience, dedication, and drive outshines other bankers in both CRE investment lending and commercial construction lending. Her success over the years has yielded the involvement in hundreds of projects, bringing over $500 million in investment real estate to the finish line. She states, “I’ve learned something different from every developer throughout my career and have been fortunate to have had some amazing mentors along the way.”


Metro Phoenix Bank, Inc., established in 2007 and headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, is a full-service community bank that caters to small- to mid-sized businesses and real estate professionals. MPB offers commercial clients a variety of services ranging from commercial real estate lending, construction lending, outdoor media lending, SBA financing solutions, and a robust treasury management platform that includes a Homeowners Association (HOA)/Property Management specialty program.


Prior to joining MPB in January of 2019, Kristen earned a business management degree from the University of Phoenix, all while working fulltime and raising three children. She first entered banking in the early 1990s as a teller then quickly moved up the ladder, culminating experience that enriched her banking knowledge and ultimately sparked her interest in commercial lending.


Among MPB’s recently approved loans, sourced and managed by Kristen, was a multi-million-dollar construction project located on tribal land.  This project was complex with many moving parts and required an extreme attention to detail to all parties involved. Kristen embraced the challenge, further building MPB’s presence in the local market and establishing her foothold as one of Arizona’s top real estate performers. When Kristen was asked what she valued most about Metro Phoenix Bank she replied, “The reason why  Metro Phoenix Bank is such a good fit for me is simple – MPB is one of the very few  true community banks left in Arizona. It is truly gratifying knowing that one’s efforts directly support local business owners and the community alike.  Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?”


Kristen McLean

VP, Commercial Lending — Metro Phoenix Bank
Phoenix, AZ

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