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Kristian appears in the Top 50

Australian Professionals Magazine

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Kristian Butcher 

With over 20 years of experience from numerous high-profile companies, Kristian Butcher has become a powerhouse in the global digitization trend of the construction industry. Applying experience gained which ranges from subcontractor to developer, he has held roles in every spectrum of the field, including large-scale infrastructure projects throughout the Middle East. Most recently, Kristian has taken Australia by storm as CEO of BuildAI, a construction technology start-up headquartered in North Sydney. One of the first companies to use artificial intelligence to improve construction efficiency, BuildAI develops inhouse software solutions addressing the industry’s largest pain points. Winning the 2020 AFR Boss Most Innovative Company Award.


In just two years, Kristian and his team have combined an abundance of AI computer vision research and development with decades of experience in construction and commercial environments. By applying AI, data is harvested and used to facilitate more efficient site administration and process control as well as critical insights and predictive analytics. “When we automate traditionally manual processes, we enable others to build better, safer, and faster,” Kristian explains.


An alumnus of The University of New South Wales, Kristian holds a construction management degree as well as an impressive ‘boots on the ground’ industry background. Working with Tier 1 contractors in Australia’s high-rise building sector and traveling the globe to gain firsthand experience, he ultimately realized the industry needed a change. “Construction is a fragmented field requiring a lot of labor-intensive hours, there is poor communication, a lack of data transparency. In addition, many regions also have skilled labor shortages says Kristian. “That’s why we wanted to be part of the solution.” Those at BuildAI never use technology to replace people’s jobs. Instead, AI is used to provide more connected productive work environments and to give employees flexibility they never had, which means more time with their families.



Kristian Butcher 

Chief Executive Officer


Sydney, Australia


LinkedIn: Kristian Butcher

Download the magazine and see Kristian's feature on page 58.

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