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Q&A with Kristian Kraszewski

Investment Loss Attorney, Securities Attorney, Managing Partner - Securities Litigation Dept.

Kyros Law Offices


What area of law do you specialize in?

I represent investors, typically retirees, who have received unsuitable investment advice from their brokers. Most of my clients have been sold investments that have destroyed their financial well-being. All too often retirees are sold high commission products that stop producing income and cannot be sold in the open market. It is always a sad situation, but one that I am passionate about. As a small law firm, we are taking on some of the largest law firms and brokerage firms on Wall Street every day. These firms have never-ending resources to fight us in our quest for justice for our clients. We have overcome so many obstacles that Wall Street has thrown at us, and have a thriving practice representing aggrieved investors.

You actually worked in finance before becoming an attorney. How does this experience help you represent your clients?

I’ve been an attorney for 13 years now. In my former career, I was a commodities trader in the World Trade Center, and a securities investor for about eight years.  I knew when I went to law school that I would focus on becoming a securities litigator. I knew that my financial background would help my legal practice, so I tailored my focus in law school and my internships towards this area of law.

Tell us about Kyros Law.

Kyros law is a consumer advocacy law firm. Kyros Law was formed 22 years ago. I started with the firm in early 2012. I manage the firm’s securities litigation department.  We represent investors in all fifty states in FINRA arbitration claims against financial advisors and brokerage firms. My partner in Boston represents victims of financial and consumer fraud, toxic torts, defective drugs, defective medical devices, and professional athletes in concussion cases. As a whole, we represent the little guy against corporate America and Wall Street.

You work on a contingency basis. What does this mean, and how does it help your clients?

Contingency basis means that we do not take any money from our clients unless we are able to get our clients a recovery. Our clients have already faced financial hardship due to unsuitable investment advice, so paying money to lawyers out of their own pocket is not an option.

What qualities separate you from your legal peers?

My background as a commodities trader and securities investor helps me to understand the products that damaged our clients’ financial well-being. It is not just understanding the legal logistics of a case, but also the financial aspects of the investment products. I went back to law school at 30, so I came into law as a young lawyer, but as an experienced investor.

Two people in your life were instrumental to your success in law, including being named multiple times in Florida Super Lawyers. Tell us about this.

My wife and my former soccer coach have been instrumental in my decision to go to law school and in my success. My wife, Jessica, has made personal and professional sacrifices that have allowed me to pursue my dream of becoming an attorney. She supported our family while I went to law school, and continuously prioritized my career as we moved around the country to further my experience. My legal career and achievements would be impossible without her constant support.

Charlie Curto was my college soccer coach. He is like a father to me. He pushed me to become the captain and MVP of our Division I soccer team at Siena, and eventually to play for a professional team in Albany. Charlie kept me on the right path personally, professionally, and athletically. Charlie always encouraged my goals by demanding more from me on and off the field. He is someone I have relied upon for advice throughout my adult life, and he has been an instrumental influence in many things I have accomplished.

What is your life’s philosophy or motto?

There is no short cut for hard work. I get up at 4 a.m. every week day to start working. You have to put in the time and effort no matter how long it takes. You have to move forward every day, with purpose, passion, and dedication, no matter how difficult. I hope that living this way sets a positive example for my son, Porter.

Kristian Kraszewski

Investment Loss Attorney; Securities Attorney, Managing Partner Securities Litigation Dept.— Kyros Law Offices

1325 Coruna Avenue

Coral Gables, FL. 33156


Facebook: Kyros Securities Law

Instagram: @kristiankraszewskiesq

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