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Kristine appears in the Top 100
Innovators & Entrepreneurs Magazine

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Kristine Conrath

Kristine Conrath rises tall, her vision transcending boundaries and igniting transformation across diverse industries. With a dynamic blend of strategic acumen, technological prowess, and organizational revitalizations, Kristine navigates the evolving landscape of business with unparalleled expertise. Since 2024, Infinite Consulting Group, LLC,  has emerged as a trailblazer, pioneering innovative solutions and catalyzing change with passion.

Kristine remains steadfast in her commitment to excellence, propelling organizations toward unprecedented heights of prosperity.  With over 25 years in financial services, Kristine brings a wealth of expertise in organizational transformation, focusing on strategy, operations, data analytics, and technology integration. Her approach revolves around navigating complex organizational challenges, driving innovative solutions, and streamlining processes to empower businesses for groundbreaking growth.

Kristine's track record in strategic leadership is unmatched. She has developed and executed strategic visions across multiple organizations, including sales, product, fintech’s, and technology. Notable achievements include integrating over 10,000 Union Bank customers into U.S. Bank's systems and achieving $1 billion in savings through digital strategies at the U.S. Treasury Department.

Leading enterprise-wide transformation and innovation initiatives are core to Kristine's leadership. She fosters a culture of intellectual curiosity, entrepreneurial mindset, and mentors leaders. 

Kristine's previous positions at U.S. Bank and U.S. Treasury Department has solidified her reputation as a resilient senior leader. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Duquesne University.


Kristine Conrath

President and CEO

Infinite Consulting Group, LLC


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