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Kvon Royale Smith


Kvon Royale Smith is a visionary CEO at the helm of Capital 3, a company dedicated to empowering startups, organizations, and government in our tech-driven era. His journey is one of remarkable transformation and unwavering tenacity. From his service as a U.S. Airman, embodying integrity and selfless service, to overcoming legal challenges that have forged his resilience, Kvon has continually adapted to evolving technologies and perspectives.


Kvon's trailblazing spirit extends to the development of AssetLinc, a groundbreaking fintech app designed to track, trade, and manage assets, starting with notes. Within a mere month, AssetLinc garnered over 400 downloads, a testament to its transformative impact on the financial landscape.


Kvon possesses a diverse skill set spanning note investing strategy, tech entrepreneurship, and financial literacy coaching. His background includes co-founding Capital 3, managing projects, crafting fintech apps, and securing grants. Moreover, he has refined leadership abilities through participation in esteemed programs such as Conscious Venture Lab, Bunker Labs, and the hedge fund focused TrendUp Now Finance, reflecting his dedication to innovation and financial expertise.


As Kvon sets his sights on note investing, he envisions raising an impressive $32 - $40 million over the next three years, further solidifying his position as a visionary leader. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration, cum laude, from the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, and has completed diverse courses spanning software development to real estate note investing. Kvon's vision is rooted in addressing asset inequality and championing a smarter, more inclusive approach to financial empowerment. Recognizing that 50% of people in the US do not own 50% of the assets, he is committed to reshaping the financial landscape.



Kvon Royale Smith
Capital 3

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