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Kyle Barrilleaux

As an experienced realtor and real estate investor, Kyle Barrilleaux knows the true “ins and outs” of the real estate industry. A licensed real estate agent for over five years, and a lifelong resident of the local area, Kyle expertly assists clients with buying and selling properties throughout the Tampa/Saint Petersburg area of Florida.


His comprehensive knowledge of the real estate industry has also benefited Kyle at his newest business venture, Insta Real Estate Solutions. Insta Real Estate Solutions is a hybrid, boutique brokerage that offers clients full representation and assistance with buying and selling properties, managing investment portfolios, coordinating renovations, property management and obtaining insurance, just to name a few services. They offer a full array of services or personalized, “ala carte” support, depending on the client’s individual needs. Kyle joined the business in 2019 as only the third agent Hired since inception and he explains that it is experiencing rapid growth, “As an experienced investor myself, I am very focused and strategic with numbers and pricing– which is terrific advantage for my clients. And as a boutique brokerage, we can do things that larger brokerages are simply unable to do . . . we have the agility and the speed to get things done quickly.”


Kyle also runs KB Properties, a successful real estate investment company that focuses on rental portfolios and rehabilitation projects. He specializes in water front homes in the Tampa and Saint Petersburg area and works with first time home buyers, VA/USDA/FHA programs, investment properties, either rental or fix-n-flip, and more.  The business also has an in-house property management service and a portfolio of partner vendors and contractors, so they are able to offer reputable services and special pricing to their clients and business partners.


As an experienced investor who also works with investment clients, Kyle has an in-depth understanding of the market, more so than most realtors, because he has worked on both sides of the industry. He is constantly analyzing market trends and researching the data to find a lucrative investment opportunity, whether it is for himself or a client. 


Kyle is an involved leader and mentor to his sales force, following the mantra, “teamwork makes the dream work.”  With the business continuing to grow, he is always pursuing new talent to add to his sales team. There are currently several opportunities available and all positions include complete sales training, CRM and provided leads. The brokerage offers 100% commission less a small transaction fee and the sales team under Kyle can earn up to 90% on all leads provided by him.  If you are interested in an exciting and successful career in real estate in the Tampa Bay area, contact Kyle directly.


Kyle Barrilleaux

Insta Real Estate Solutions

Facebook: KBTHErockstar

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