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Kyle Matheny


Kyle Matheny, the CEO of 3MG Roofing, has emerged as a dynamic leader reshaping the roofing industry with his innovative and modern approach. He has propelled the company to remarkable heights, earning recognition as one of the fastest-growing companies in Florida. With their catchy slogan, "We're on top of it," 3MG Roofing has successfully taken the traditional roofing company model and infused it with cutting-edge technologies and fresh philosophies.


Before venturing into the roofing industry, Kyle made a name for himself in the sports-licensed apparel industry. As an athlete who played Division 1 basketball, he also gained valuable experience working alongside his father in the sports distribution space. Representing numerous brands, including Adidas, Kyle nurtured his entrepreneurial spirit and diversified his investment portfolio.


Kyle's journey into the roofing industry began when he offered his expertise to a friend who owned a small roofing shop. As they delved deeper into the industry, they quickly realized its inherent inefficiencies and lack of sophistication. Determined to disrupt the status quo, Kyle decided to establish 3MG Roofing, focusing on delivering a product they could wholeheartedly stand behind. They customized a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system infused with automation and leveraged artificial intelligence to integrate data from the Florida Building Code in order to minimize human error. Clients now enjoy automated notifications and a constant line of communication throughout the building process. This commitment to technology and customer-centricity propelled 3MG Roofing from a $2 million entity to a remarkable $75 million in a short span of time, growing from one office in Central Florida to four locations statewide.


Emphasizing the importance of cultivating a strong company culture, Kyle has assembled a team of young professionals who are given ample opportunities to grow within the organization. From a single employee at the start, 3MG Roofing has now grown to have hundreds of dedicated individuals on board. To further support personal and professional growth, the company partners with the University of Central Florida to offer an internship program. This initiative provides students with real-world experience in various departments and often leads to job placements within the company. Approximately 50% of the current workforce graduated from UCF, equipping them with the skills and expertise necessary for the roofing and clean energy sectors.


Kyle's hard work and visionary approach have earned him several accolades and awards, including the prestigious 40 Under 40 recognition from the Orlando Business Journal and the distinction of being a Presidential Masters Elite Contractor, placing him among the top 3% of contractors nationwide. Under his leadership, 3MG Roofing has disrupted the roofing industry, embraced technological advancements, and cultivated a thriving company culture.


Kyle Matheny
3MG Roofing


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