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La Chang

La Chang is CEO of Think Global Logistics, an Australian freight forwarding company that provides single operations contact, a knowledgeable team, global offices, and safe deliveries via land, air, and sea. As a progressive, international freight forwarder, TGL maintains a sharp focus on technology, intelligent practices, and thought leadership in order to drive the industry and better serve their customers.

TGL also takes pride in placing more importance upon the training and education of its employees than profits. “We are a grassroots company created on the foundation of people, and our mission has always been about selecting the kind of people who are continually engaged with us and our business. This is our work culture and who we are,” says La.

In fact, TGL runs an internship program at both the national and international level so that people may come in, gain knowledge, and go back into the world to spread a positive message about the industry. “After six months, all our interns learn 90% more than a typical employee who spends years at a big multinational company. The most important thing is to lead and manage from an abundance mentality vs a scarcity mentality,” La explains. In other words, team leaders at TGL work to teach their staff and employees all they know. “Scarcity creates paranoia and lack of satisfaction, but with abundance, employees feel like they are part of something bigger. With that, I am confident business will go further,” says La.


Prior to starting TGL, La served as managing director for CH Robinson, a U.S. Fortune 500 company and one of the top five largest global companies in the world, where he was responsible for launching operations in Australia. La has also worked in a sales capacity and various managerial positions. La credits his diverse background with giving him the drive to find a better way of doing business. “Industry leaders always say that their people are their most important attribute, but this is usually untrue. The fact is, most employees outside of top management are treated like robots ─ devoting years of their lives to companies without any nurturing or education and without ever learning more than one task. As a result, the industry often fails to attract the right talent. At TGL, we take a more holistic approach, which yields a happier, more educated staff,” says La.


As La has a strong focus on empowering his staff at TGL, he has also developed a strong focus on technology and how it impacts his business. As technology has evolved, automation within logistics has boomed. At TGL, the team is developing their own proprietary system using the latest technology to focus on automation and ease of use for their clients. “Automated logistics is the future of our industry. We hope to incorporate artificial intelligence and blockchain technology into our system in the future,” La says. “Our technology will be built not only to serve internal efficiencies of our team, but offer our customers the ability to trade better through business intelligence reporting”.


Just as La treats his business in a meaningful way, he applies the same thoughtfulness and consideration when giving to charity. For example, TGL recently shipped containers of goods, including infant formula, to Lebanon free of charge. The company has also partnered with a startup charity called Escabags, which provides “escape bags” containing basic amenities to victims of domestic violence. The founder, Stacy Jane, had difficulty meeting the high demand from around the country so La and TGL stepped in and offered free shipping.


La Chang

Chief Executive Officer, Think Global Logistics






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