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Lacy J. Hardman

A 3X combat veteran, Lacy J. Hardman, knows how to give it her absolute all with a balanced measure of tenacity and meekness to accomplish anything she sets her mind to. “When you run into roadblocks, it’s time to slow down, reevaluate, and pivot, because there are greater opportunities just beyond that setback,” she says. At just 14, Lacy was determined to become a cardiovascular surgeon after her father’s open-heart surgery. She threw herself into it, taking every medical course she could throughout high school. In 2000, at 17, she joined the Army to pursue her goal. After a deployment to Afghanistan in 2004 and six weeks into her premedical courses, she realized that becoming a mother would be a challenge to balance as a cardiovascular surgeon and dropped every pre-med course—a bold action after investing seven years on that path. She finished earning her degree and commissioned as an active-duty officer in 2006 and devoted herself to leading soldiers through 2014 in the Army.


After working her way to the top 3% in her field in the military, Lacy leapt into real estate, a passion she developed as a teenager while playing Robert Kiyosaki’s game, Cashflow.  All in, with a toddler and while pregnant, she won Realtor of the Year 2019 through community service and closed transactions. In her niche market as a custom home builder agent, she was also lending her knowledge and experience to help other agents succeed. Today, as the founder of Salty Peak Real Estate in her native Utah, Lacy is just as determined as ever in this manifestation as a business owner, Realtor®, and broker. Launched in 2021, the firm focuses on serving builders and teaching real estate agents through Lacy’s signature program, the PEAK Method. She is working on a national rollout to help agents serve builders across the country and increase their knowledge and wealth in the new construction real estate market.


We caught up with Lacy to learn more about her journey, how she’s helping agents flourish, and how she’s creating an impact.


Tell us about your background. How did you get into real estate?

I knew that in order to be a mom who was available to my future children, I couldn’t be in the military anymore and I prayed for guidance. It was time to close the door on my Army career for flexibility. I helped my family launch and grow three businesses and then got my real estate license in 2017. I worked for a couple builders, helping them grow their businesses. As I dug through the trenches to help establish these builders, I learned a lot. I love putting systems in place to solve problems that streamline business and I love to help others learn to be successful. I developed my signature program, the PEAK Method, which I’ve been using to help agents become builder agents.


What is the PEAK Method? How does it help agents?

It’s a four-step method to help real estate agents find and represent builders. It provides them with scripts, templates, and all the business tools they need to facilitate a successful relationship with builders.


Your success in real estate has allowed you to build the Swell Retreat, tell us about that.

My husband and I were both previously divorced and had each spent a lot of time in counseling that was unsuccessful. After a deployment to Iraq, I did a retreat that I loved, which  combined education and recreation. We decided to create the Swell Retreat to offer education to individuals, couples, families, and businesses who are interested in learning to strengthen themselves and their relationships while having fun. I believe that for every hardship we face, we learn lessons, and it becomes our civic responsibility to share those lessons with others so they can have a more successful way of navigating a similar course.


What drives you, Lacy?

I love helping people be successful and happy. It is very rewarding to watch someone I have taught work to take steppingstones I created to reach their achievement. I love putting systems in place so that my expertise can allow others to have a defined path on their journeys in the pursuit of freedom, wealth, and creating a lasting impact with their divine purpose. I love being a wife and a mom and through these systems, I can help others grow their businesses and free them, and myself, up to spend more time with family.




Lacy J. Hardman

Realtor® & Broker — Salty Peak Real Estate





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