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LaDale A. Buggs

LaDale Buggs is the president and CEO of 316 Capital, a real estate finance and development firm headquartered in Richardson, Texas. The company specializes in residential and commercial real estate financing and private equity and venture capital investments. From skyscrapers to warehouses, apartment buildings to multifamily and residential properties, LaDale leads a team with more than 30 years of combined experience that brings an innovative approach to financing and investment strategies designed to help each client achieve their individual objectives. As the firm sets its sights on becoming the largest private lender in the southwestern United States within the next 60 months, its explosive growth stands as testament to their record of delivering strong cash flow and significant value with the singular goal—to help clients nationwide thrive.


“We are investors by trade, so when an investor comes to us, we understand what they’re looking for. Our whole focus is the consumer. We listen to them. We help them structure deals that put them in the strongest position to succeed, and make it as easy as possible, which is our goal,” LaDale says.


LaDale founded 316 Capital 15 years ago as a unique asset-based lending firm built on a model that puts the consumer, rather than money, at its core, offering innovative financing solutions that often forego credit checks. When denied loans by traditional banks, people turn to 316 Capital. Driven by this value, the 316 Capital team works through the entire process with each client to gain a complete understanding of their individual needs. As head of the firm’s real estate division, LaDale personally reviews and approves each deal. “Money is an idea, not currency. I don’t seek money. I seek the idea, then the currency follows,” he explains.


The increasing number of seasoned investors who rely on their expertise to help them acquire assets to strengthen their balance sheets has ignited the firm’s skyrocketing growth. The 316 Capital team is comprised of financing, real estate, and investment professionals with decades of experience, including the firm’s transaction coordinator, Jason Hannah; private equity partner, Jehangir Raja; homestead manager and partner, Preston Hagaman; internal general contractor, Cliff Hunter; and commercial realtor, John Funk.


Prior to founding 316 Capital, LaDale worked in the document management solution space assisting C-level executives in reducing the amount of paper being used. Throughout that time, he learned a lot about negotiation and customer service, which he applies to his work on behalf of his clients. “When putting another person’s needs before your own, your needs always get fulfilled as well, and great relationships are developed,” he says.


LaDale has been featured on Univision locally and holds a bachelor’s degree in e-commerce from the University of Phoenix.





LaDale A. Buggs


316 Capital


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