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LaMont appears in the Top 100 

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LaMont J. Leavitt


LaMont J. Leavitt, the visionary CEO of innoviHealth, is a dynamic leader with an unwavering commitment to innovation and the healthcare industry. With a career spanning over three decades, LaMont has carved out a remarkable path, marked by his dedication to company growth and a unique approach to leadership.


innoviHealth stands as a pioneering force in healthcare innovation. The company's relentless ability to create tailored solutions to meet customer needs sets it apart in an industry where such flexibility is often lacking. As the parent company of Find-A-Code, HCC Coder, ChiroCode, MedAbbrev, Codapedia, QPro, and Healthcare Administration Alliance, innoviHealth is dedicated to simplifying the complex world of medical coding, billing and auditing. This unique blend of medical coding expertise and information technology has revolutionized the industry, enabling coders, claims managers, denial management teams, and auditing departments to save time and avoid costly denials. 

Find-A-Code is well known throughout the industry as the most user-friendly and complete medical coding and billing library available on the market. HCC Coder, an enterprise solution for diagnostic coding and medical chart abstraction, has proven to be a game-changer, significantly reducing costs while improving accuracy and documentation quality. ChiroCode, with over 30 years of experience, has been a guiding light for the chiropractic profession, addressing coding and reimbursement challenges. The company’s newest addition and always current, MedAbbrev, represents the Premier Reference Tool for Medical Acronyms and Abbreviations. QPro, dedicated to enhancing coding and management through certification, empowers healthcare coders and managers to code for maximum and ethical reimbursement.


At the helm of innoviHealth, LaMont adheres to the traction model, a strategy that thrives on a team of exceptional individuals performing diverse roles. LaMont also noticed how larger companies often lost touch with their core values. This observation inspired him to create a set of core values called MIDAS: Means to an End, Independent, Dependable, Attitude, and Self-Starter. These values reflect his deep commitment to ensuring that every member of his team feels a sense of ownership and purpose within the company. Additionally, he transformed innoviHealth into a remote workplace, granting his staff holidays, vacations, and every Friday off. This unique approach fosters tremendous loyalty among his employees, as they recognize his respect for their hard work and dedication.


Lamont not only excels in the corporate world, but also pays it forward by serving on the entrepreneurial leadership council at Southern Utah University. There, he mentors students and guides them in launching their businesses, fulfilling his philanthropic mission.


LaMont J. Leavitt continues to shape the future of healthcare, making it more accessible and efficient for all. With his pioneering spirit and unwavering dedication, he is undoubtedly a driving force in the ever-evolving world of healthcare innovation.


LaMont J. Leavitt




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