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Landon appears in the 
Top 100 Attorneys Magazine

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Landon Crider

Landon Crider is an attorney at Gunn Law Group, LLC, in Atlanta, Georgia, primarily focused on personal injury litigation. Founded in 2018, Gunn Law Group, LLC has secured millions of dollars on behalf of hundreds of clients. Landon joined the firm in January 2022 to head the firm’s litigation department with law school classmate, Harrell Gunn. In his career, Landon is undefeated at trial, has a 95% success rate in summary judgement motions, and has proven his passion for those he serves through his willingness to litigate cases as aggressively as is necessary to obtain the proper result. His experience as a former insurance defense litigator allows him a unique perspective in now handling his clients’ cases against those insurers.  “From the first conversation with our clients, I’m able to identify the strengths and weaknesses for both parties, which allows me to address those up front. By doing so, our cases tend to move more quickly, and we achieve the best result for the client with less delay,” he explains.  Where some attorneys focus on profits, Landon focuses on people, developing personal relationships with his clients. One of his favorite former clients still calls him just to check on him and his family, even after the conclusion of her case. “I thrive on fighting for what’s right on behalf of our clients and I think they notice that,” he shares. “Seeing the satisfaction on their faces when we get them the compensation they deserve is why I chose this career.”

Landon is a member of the Cobb County Bar and the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association.

Landon Crider

Litigation Attorney — Gunn Law Group, LLC


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