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Top 100 People in Finance Magazine

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Larisa Miller

As a CEO with extensive relationships with governments, heads of state, and business leaders worldwide, Larisa leads Phoenix Global, a Miami-based investment and consultancy firm, with a unique ability to cultivate alliances across cultures, countries, and industries. “I have a global perspective based on empathy, humanity, and my ability to envisage unique, strategic opportunities where others only have a very linear view,” she shares.

Phoenix Global is an award-winning global boutique consulting and investment firm, working with governments, clients and projects on five continents, providing consulting services focused on business development and strategy, 2030 strategy, brand and reputation management, innovation and technology, and global expansion facilitation. The company also provides PR and marketing, thought leadership, and corporate and leadership development customized to suit the needs of its clients.

Larisa oversees the consulting and investment mandates of the company and manages the firm, working to ensure the proper teams are in place to best represent their clients. Informing every decision she makes, every strategy she develops is a seasoned worldview and unique cultural insight garnered over two decades of experience working with domestic and international leaders in government and business.

She started her career in 1994 with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, as the assistant to the secretary and deputy secretary of agriculture. She went on to work for Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, in his office of public policy. Prior to joining Phoenix Global, she served as personal consultant and head of business development for a member of the Royal Family in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, as well as head of their large nonprofit foundation.

Shaped by over a decade of living in Europe and the Middle East, considerable time traveling and working in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America, and visiting Middle Eastern refugee camps and rural areas in Africa, Larisa’s global perspective allows her to interact with governments and nations with a deep cultural understanding and a profound empathy uncommon to most. “I spend considerable time building and maintaining high-level governmental and private sector relationships around the world so that we can offer clients unique market access, providing value to both the countries where we are working and to the investors who are looking at making beneficial investment or expansion in these strategic markets,” she explains.

With the motto, “Vanguards of a sustainable future,” Phoenix Global shares Larisa’s personal mandate to this cause. She is committed to helping businesses incorporate forward-thinking strategies into their business models and operations, shaping them to become leaders in a disruptive marketspace. “I prioritize sustainability, and recognizing the importance of sustainability to the business model of the future, we offer our clients a unique, customized service in the development of 2030 strategy plans. Businesses who integrate a 2030 strategy into their business model consistently outperform the market. We help guide businesses forward in this UN-declared Decade of Action, positioning clients to be a leader amongst competitors in an increasingly disruptive global marketspace,” she explains.

With the personal motto “Unstoppable,” she is also a proponent of the empowerment of women. “I believe that gender titles should be dropped. I don’t like to be introduced as female CEO. I am CEO,” she shares. Named one of the Top 10 Most Influential Friends of Africa by For Business in Africa Magazine and one of the World's 100 Most Influential Women Leaders by Sovereign Magazine, Larisa is an award-winning keynote speaker, addressing audiences at conferences and summits around the world, as well as working with corporations to assist with the corporate training and leadership.

She also sits on several global boards, including Executive Director, Global Chamber of Business Leaders (Dubai, UAE); Board of Trustees, Geneva Global Initiative (Geneva, Switzerland); Board of Trustees, People to People International (Worldwide Organization headquartered in USA); and President, Business and Professional Women International, Miami Chapter (USA).


Larisa Miller

CEO — Phoenix Global

Miami, Florida

Twitter: @LarisaBMiller  and  @phoenix-global-llc

Twitter: @LarisaBMiller  and

Twitter: @LarisaBeth0521  and  @phoenixglobal_consultants

Download the 2020 Top 100 People in Finance Magazine and see Larisa's feature on page 49.

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