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Laura Sharpe


Laura Sharpe began her AutoZone career as a store development coordinator nine years ago.  In 2015, she became executive administrator and 2017, she was promoted to real estate development manager. In this role, she focuses on identifying and selecting sites for new AutoZone locations. She has led the efforts of opening more than 30 stores across multiple states, with many additional store openings in the pipeline.  Laura has earned numerous distinctions and recognition within the company, including, but not limited to, most contracts signed, most approved stores and highest performing stores.


Laura is part of the development process from beginning to end, identifying new markets based on market growth and demographics, managing the preconstruction and design teams, handling the negotiations, and working on the construction process. “You have to be on top of your projects in every aspect of the role, and there are times I am working on several deals, whether it is a new site, potential site, or an approved store in the design phase,” said Laura Sharpe. “Certain markets necessitate creative solutions and I have found ways to make even the most challenging deals come together. I truly enjoy what I do because no deal is the same and it makes for a good connection with the customer,” said Laura.


A key component to Laura’s success is her ability to negotiate. “I never negotiate for the sake of negotiating, every negotiation must be substantive and purposeful. Candor is key in my approach and useful when working with both brokers and landlords,” said Laura.  She also establishes and cultivates internal and external relationships, which supports the ongoing and continued growth of the company.  It is also her personal approach that has earned Laura a tremendous reputation among landlords, brokers, and sellers.


Laura Sharpe

Real Estate Development Manager — AutoZone



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