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Lauren Griewski


After gaining years of executive level experience at renowned, global companies, Lauren Griewski transformed her passion for living a SOUL EXPRESSED abundant life, into a thriving purpose-driven business. Lauren is the founder and CEO of SOUL EXPRESSED, a transformative company that reunites people with their true SOUL-selves and moves individuals to build businesses they LOVE in harmony with their dreams.


Lauren is a 4-time Ironman finisher, triathlon coach, and certified yoga instructor, who has studied human expression, quantum physics, high-performance living, and executive life coaching. She shares, “When we EXPRESS from our true nature, connected into our SOUL-self, everything beyond our wildest imagination is possible. When we stay repressed, it can manifest into depression, anger and unnecessary suffering.” She loves to support people in coming home to their SOUL-selves to freely EXPRESS who they are while monetizing their gifts to reach unlimited freedom, uncapped earning potential and abundant joy.


Lauren always asks her clients, “Are you ready to EXPRESS your true self? Are you willing to be seen? Are you up for creating a life-changing business that makes you abundantly wealthy and impacts people all over the world?” She focuses on entrepreneurs who are stuck and feel overwhelmed in their current reality to fast-track their worlds in having freedom and abundance with time, money and location.  


She explains the focus of her brand, “I reach driven professionals who feel stuck or frustrated, overwhelmed by where to start or how to scale, including those in corporate jobs experiencing the ‘golden-handcuffs’ dilemma. People are inherently valuable and somewhere inside of society we start to equate our value to the company we work for, title on our business card, school we attended, town we live in, parents we were born into, and so on. YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE VALUABLE THAN ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF YOU. When we search for significance by external validation, circumstantial factors or other people’s opinions we are NEVER satisfied.”


Lauren explains that there came a point in her corporate career, working as a successful professional in the world’s most sought-after organizations, where she wondered, “Is this ALL I’m here for? There’s got to be more!” She longed to live into her fullest expression of her gifts and in the creation of generous abundance and freedom.


She’s created a proven and tested program, SOUL EXPRESSED™, designed to support people to grow highly profitable businesses from their SOUL-self, EXPRESSED freely in the world. Lauren leverages her unique 15-years of experience transforming businesses, including over 6 years as a Facebook executive, where she was a leader in the tech partnerships and advertising divisions. Her program offers innovation that is accessible, digital tools, automated systems, and direct support for people to grow abundantly profitable businesses aligned to their gifts. 


Lauren is clear that the most important asset we have are PEOPLE aligned to their SOUL-selves. Her fool-proof proprietary system helps thousands of people to freely EXPRESS their gifts and generate an overflow of revenue so they can stop worrying, what she calls “SOUL-VIVING” and live a purpose-driven life that is SOUL-THRIVING! She adds, “With the SOUL EXPRESSED™ system, you eliminate all of the guess work and follow the exact blueprint that I used to leave my first-class job at Facebook and fully express myself in the world, all while scaling my own business to revenue results I had only dreamed of!” Lauren adds, “When we’re connected to our SOUL-self and freely EXPRESS who we are – we can have it ALL!”


Are you ready to EXPRESS your true self and create a life-changing business you LOVE that makes you abundantly wealthy while impacting people all over the world? If so, Lauren warmly welcomes you to schedule a free consultation and receive your Top 40 Special Offer at because YOU matter!


Lauren Griewski, Founder and CEO of SOUL EXPRESSED


2711 N Sepulveda Blvd., #1012, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

IG: @laurengriewski | Facebook: @laurengriewskisoul

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