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Laverne Mickie Turner

When Laverne “Mickie” Turner first started out in real estate, she thought she’d just be managing properties. But she soon realized that through real estate she could help people—a deep-seated passion that sparked in her decades ago when she assisted with a fundraiser to help get homeless girls to safety. With the idea of lifting others up in mind, Mickie studied hospitality and business management. In 2009, she and her spouse, Alex Turner, founded Turner Property Group, LLC, one of the only women- and minority-owned real estate consultancy, development, and management firms in New Orleans. Today, they manage 300 properties and have a satellite office in St. Louis, Missouri, upholding the values of integrity, teamwork, and a learning mindset that deepens their long-established community roots. Their primary focus is residential and rental properties, and repositioning urban assets, turning them into safe, affordable homes, among them a 100-unit property that Mickie transformed into a desirable residence as a consultant with a preferred client. It’s exactly this kind of success and community dedication that has earned them a feature in Break Through Media Magazine in 2022.


As CEO of Turner Group, Mickie handles all executive management and reporting. She also plans the firm’s strategy and direction to ensure they move ever towards their goals of creating sustainable, predictable systems to ensure client success. She stays up-to date-on the latest trends and news in real estate, legislation, and regulations on owners’ and tenants’ rights. In addition to acting as property managers and consultants for their clients, as property owners themselves, Mickie and Alex hold unique insight into the financing, accounting, and myriad other facets of the industry. Now, they’re bringing it all together with a new consulting piece— Here, they’ll offer confidence coaching, and real estate and advisory services, and a concept called “Dear Mickie,” allowing anyone to write in with questions that Mickie can answer using her expertise.



Laverne Mickie Turner

CEO — Turner Property Group LLC



Facebook: Turner Property Group LLC

Instagram: Turner_Property_Grp

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