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Leanne Myles

Last year, Leanne Myles placed in the Top 10 Performing Mortgage Brokers in Canada, after working with Clinton Wilkins Mortgage Team in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, for just two years. This year, she smashed that record by winning a spot in the Top 5 Performers with $40 million in closed deals. In fact, she placed second for her Manulife Insurance sales, being shy of the top spot by just one deal! Leanne attributes this jump to her joining the team and of her willingness to adapt to new processes. Even before being named a top performer, Leanne was a formidable mortgage broker; she was a finalist for the Best Alternative Lending Mortgage Broker in 2017 and won the Women in the Mortgage Industry’s Inspiration Award in 2018.


Leanne has been in the mortgage industry for 15 years, working her way to the top of one of Canada’s largest banks in 2013. However, she found she was most interested in helping the people who needed it the most, people who were facing financial struggles. “I’m all about helping people and navigating the financial world is often a challenge,” she says. “Most people only know regular banks. They go to banks and find they don’t qualify, but brokers have access to over 40 lenders and can often make things work that banks can’t.” In 2013, Leanne transitioned to being a broker and it was not without its challenges. “I fell flat on my face, but I learned a lot!” she says. After working for five years as an independent broker with a large brokerage, she moved to Clinton Wilkins, where she learned fast and rapidly increased her sales, jumping from $12 million to $22 million to $40 million, and is on track to do $50 to $60 million in the coming year. Today, Leanne works on the Clinton Wilkins mortgage team with Clinton Wilkins, also a top-producer, under the umbrella company of Centum Home Lenders.


Leanne’s client base includes people who have been through hard times and major life events. She helps them improve their credit and gets mortgages for people who might not otherwise be approved, and her personal, relationship-based approach keeps clients feeling secure and coming back. And Leanne can relate to the anxiety of financial hardship; in 2011, her husband lost his health benefits and the couple faced financial difficulty. “It was eye-opening what happens to people when health and income is lost,” she says. The experience inspired her to be a broker for those in similar positions and give them the help, security, and hope that she needed during her own hard time. One of her proudest moments was helping a couple avoid homelessness by securing them a mortgage that a bank would have denied them, allowing them to buy a house and secure their future. Taking on clients’ challenges to improve their lives is Leanne’s passion. As she says, “If Leanne can’t get your mortgage done, no one can!”


Leanne Myles

Senior Mortgage Manager — Centum: Clinton Wilkins Mortgage Team

Website: https://teamclinton.ca

LinkedIn: Clinton Wilkins Mortgage Team

Facebook: Clinton Wilkins Mortgage Team

Instagram: @halifaxmortgage